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If you’re interested in putting up a fence it’s important to know your options. That way you can make the best choice for your budget and needs. When you live in Texas you have some additional considerations, too, because weather can affect the security of your fencing.

From keeping your dogs in the yard to making sure a storm doesn’t destroy your beautiful new fence, you want to ensure you’re getting quality and value. Here’s what to consider, so you can get the right fencing and have it last a long time.

What is a No-Dig Fence?

One of the terms you may have heard is no-dig fence, or no-dig fencing panels. These can seem like a great idea on the surface, because you can put them up yourself. You don’t need concrete fence footing or any special tools or experience.

Instead, you just stick the panels in the ground. They have stake posts you drive into the ground with a mallet or hammer, and then you hook the fence to the stakes. Sounds simple, right? It is, but there’s a catch.

These panels don’t have any kind of fence footer at all, which means they aren’t secure. Texas can frequently be windy, and the wind can blow these panels over without a lot of effort. You’ll spend plenty of time getting them lined up just right, only to have to reset them frequently.

Additionally, these fences are very lightweight, so they aren’t going to stop a person, or even a big dog, from coming into your yard. They’re not very secure or very private, and most of them are only around three feet high.

Big box stores sell this fencing for all kinds of applications, but it’s really designed to be more decorative for gardens or other small areas. As a secure solution, it just doesn’t work and won’t give you what you’re looking for.

It’s also different from another use of the term no-dig fencing, which is no-dig fences for dogs. These are fences that provide covering below the actual bottom of the fence, to keep dogs from digging out underneath. That’s not the same as the no-dig fence panels.

Why Choose Professional Fence Installers?

When you work with professional fence installers you get more than just a sturdy fence. You also get peace of mind. Working with an installer means you’ll get a secure, solid fence that’s designed the way you want.

You can choose a more open design or a privacy fence that blocks out prying eyes and nosy neighbors. If you have dogs in the yard, a solid fence can also help keep them from barking at everything going on in the neighborhood.

Professional fence installers will set your fence posts with concrete footers, so they aren’t going to go anywhere when the wind blows. That provides a solid base for your fence and reduces the chances of damage or needed repairs.

If your yard slopes a professional installer will take that into account, as well. Accounting for that slope can make your new fence look great, and help ensure that it’s solid and strong. No-dig fencing doesn’t work well with slopes, and can fall over even more easily.

Another benefit of a professionally installed fence is that it can typically be six or eight feet high, which isn’t possible with the no-dig panels. When you want a sturdy fence that’s built to the height, look, and specifications you want, a professional installation is the right choice.

Do You Really Need a Fence Footer?

It can be tempting to choose no-dig fencing because you can put it up yourself, but don’t let that convenience fool you. You absolutely need a fence footer! A concrete fence footing stops your fence from blowing over during a windstorm, or falling due to shifting of the ground during a heavy rain or small flood.

It protects your fence from coming apart when your dogs are jumping on it or a neighbor’s child decides to climb it. Footers are the solid foundation your fence needs to be truly secure. You don’t want the liability or the hassle of a fence that doesn’t stay put or keeps falling apart.

Instead, protect yourself and add to the value of your home with a quality fence footer and professionally installed fence you can trust for the long term. Then you can just enjoy the space, the new fence, and the peace of mind that comes with a job done right.