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Solar Powered Gate Installation
for Property in Dallas Fort Worth

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The Fort Worth area can receive up to 230 days of sunshine each year! For both swinging and sliding driveway gates, solar gate openers aren’t just the future, but a practical option for automatic gate openers in North Texas. Not to mention, these automated gates are specially designed to be eco friendly!

How Your Dallas Fort Worth Home Can Go Solar with Buzz

From the initial free estimate, to easy installation and ongoing maintenance of your solar powered gate, Buzz is a great choice for solar powered gates in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Solar gate openers work with almost all residential and commercial gates. The first step is to choose a gate based on your fence, security and design requirements.

Most light use residential solar powered gate openers, rely on 12 volt, 10 watt solar panel to receive power. Solar powered gates are continually improving, and 20 watt, 24 volt solar panels are also an option for commercial applications or heavier gates.  1 to 2 solar panels are typical and will be carefully mounted by your Buzz technician.

These solar gate opener panels will be connected via cable to an actuator or gate operator for opening and closing the solar powered gate. The panels of your solar powered gate will also connect to a battery power pack which can easily be hidden, and stores power for 24/7 use.

The final step is to choose a gate opener system, allowing access to your Dallas Fort Worth property via smartphone, keypad, keyfob or all three. Buzz is an authorized installer and dealer for a variety of access control systems, solar operators, batteries and panels. As a dealer, we can pass on a variety of solar gate opener products and service warranties.

Solar Gate Opener vs. Electric Driveway Gate

Buzz installs both electric and solar gate openers, but only a solar powered gate can deliver a 30% federal tax credit! For now, DFW homeowners can deduct up to 30% of the total cost of a solar gate installation on federal income taxes. Learn more about the tax credit requirements and realize that a solar powered gate can be cheaper than electric long term.

Factors to Consider for a Solar Gate for your Dallas Fort Worth Property

Location, Location. A solar panel will need to get at least five hours of direct sunlight daily to maintain a battery charge. A solar panel can be mounted up to 20 feet away from the gate for most systems.

No outlet? No problem. A solar gate opener is a perfect solution for gates more than 1,000 feet from a 110V AC power source.

Frequency of gate use. How often will your automatic gate be used? Solar powered openers typically open and close a security gate about eight to ten times per day on a full charge. More expensive systems are available for ranchers and commercial applications, which feature larger solar panels and battery storage for frequent use.

Conversion from Electric. Wanting to convert an existing electric gate to solar? You’ll save in energy costs. Most new gate systems are also compatible with solar, making the transition easier on the wallet and helping you to save money.

Regular maintenance of our solar powered gate opener. Stay on top of any greenery that needs trimmed to guard your panels’ access to adequate sunlight. Most panels are resistant to hail, to a certain point. Storms could damage a solar panel or move its position. A dirty solar panel can also affect performance and require regular cleaning.

Backup power for solar battery. Electric automatic gates are likely to be stuck in the closed position during a power outage. You can avoid outages with your solar powered gate opener, but only when paired with a compatible battery box. Your technician will advise on how much storage is needed for your solar powered gate opener, which depends on the amount of sunlight, wattage of the solar panel, gate use and weight.

For more solar powered gate information or to schedule an appointment for your solar gate opener needs in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Contact us today!

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