Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is one of the most widely-used and cost-effective containment solutions. But did you know it has a distinguished history? First manufactured in 1844 by Barnard, Bishop and Barnard – an English company – the original design was based on cloth weaving techniques to weave together strips of wire. Chain link came to America in 1891, when Anchor Fencing imported chain link fence-making machines from Belgium.

At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re proud to offer modern versions of this durable and time-honored fencing material. Let’s look at the reasons for chain-link fences being such an enduring part of the landscape.


Chain link fencing is usually used for containment, but not privacy. Just like iron fencing, chain link fences provide you with security while remaining open for visibility. In cases where people want both chain link and privacy, we can install security slats made of vinyl or painted wood.

Styles and Looks

Chain link is more versatile than people often imagine, and allows for customization.

Typical heights vary from three to twelve feet tall. A home fence could be as short as three feet tall, while tennis courts and industrial fencing could be 10 – 20 feet tall.

Gauge size also varies. The lower the gauge, the stronger the wire. Usual gauge size is 13 to 6, with 13 being the lightest – used for temporary fencing – and 6 being the strongest. People usually choose 11 gauge for residential fencing. The heavier 9 gauge is used for most commercial projects

Stainless steel is the most common material for chain link fences. Aluminum is another option, which requires less maintenance and is easier to move, but not as strong as stainless steel.

The purpose of your fence will determine the necessary grid size. For example, a baseball backstop requires a grid size that can contain a baseball. Smaller grid size is generally sturdier and used for higher security and industrial fencing.

You can get chain link coated with colored polyester, PVC or vinyl. These coatings increase your fence’s UV resistance, limiting corrosion and damage. Coatings also allow for color; green and black can help a fence blend into the background.






Simple Maintenance

Little to no maintenance is the charm of chain link. A simple hosing off and a dab of soap makes it look like new. Vinyl wrapping can be added to chain link to make a waterproof fence that will outlast many other fence types.


A chain link fence is a very economical choice, especially if you need to contain a large area.

Contact Buzz Custom Fence and we can talk about your chain link needs. Confused about your perfect gauge, grid size or color? We’re happy to chat.


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I am on the schedule for Oct 31st to have chain-link partitions installed to segregate portions of a building interior. Leo in sales has politely handled my inexhaustible changes and meetings to discuss options. I keep changing the layout, which requires him to draw a new diagram and visit my building. This has happened close to ten times and he still has a smile on his face and truly does not seem to be bothered by it. Wow!

            ~ Building Manager in Fort Worth, TX

Buzz Fence finished our fence install yesterday and it is more than I expected. I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend this company. There was a lot of communication between the initial quote and actual install due to all of the rain between December and now. We never had any problem with our calls or emails being returned. The workmanship looks great!!

            ~ Kristine Henderson

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