Shadowbox Fences

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Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors? Do you want those positive feelings to continue? Then you have to be careful when building a fence. Not only are fences physically divisive, neighbor relations can suffer from aesthetic differences. That’s why we love shadowbox fences. They’re equally attractive from both sides.

What’s a shadowbox fence?

Instead of looking flat, shadowbox fences pop in 3-D. Imagine your typical wooden fence construction. You usually have either two horizontal rails –one at the top and one at the bottom – or three rails, with the third in the middle of the fence, like the equator. The pickets, or vertical boards, are attached to the horizontal rails. This gives the builder the choice of boards on the inside, or boards on the outside. Most people find the all-board side more attractive.

Not so with the shadowbox fence. Alternating boards and panels are attached vertically to each side of the framework. For example, the builder might use three-inch boards. As they nail or screw the wooden boards to the inside of the fence, they’d typically leave a three-inch gap between pickets. On the outside, they attach the pickets to cover the gaps left on the inside. This way, the fence looks the same on both sides. Meaning your neighbor doesn’t have an ugly side to look at.

Pros and cons of shadowbox fences

When you look at a completed shadowbox fence straight on, it looks as solid as a privacy fence. But if you peer at an angle, you can see through the pickets. This can be a pro or a con, depending on the situation. A canine requiring mental stimulation will enjoy the view of the street.

This stylish wooden fence is also customizable. With a range of treated woods like red and white cedar combined with the variety of stains available, the shadowbox fence is ascetically pleasing from every angle. This also provides a more uniform look, unlike most standard privacy fences.

Shadowbox fences stand up to wind better than privacy fences. Since the shadowbox has gaps, the wind blows through, rather than knocking the fence over. This design also brings pleasurable air flow into your yard, whereas a privacy fence blocks out summer breezes.

A shadowbox fence takes slightly more skill and money to build than a simple privacy fence. Also, keep in mind that treated wood tends to shrink over time, so small gaps may develop in your future fence. 


The fence for you

Is the stylish 3-D shadowbox the fence for you? If you’re still deciding on your dream fence, we’d love to talk. Our design team in the Fort Worth area can help you choose your best possible fence, whether wood or chain link, privacy or shadowbox. Give us a call today.