At Buzz Custom Fence, we offer a variety of design and functional add-ons to make new fences and gates unique. Afterall, custom is part of our name! Features can be added to an existing fence or incorporated into the design of a new installation.

When choosing fence or gate add-on features, define the purpose of your fence for you DFW Property:

  • Are you needing a secure fence?
  • Are you looking to keep out the neighbors with privacy and soundproofing?
  • Is the fence for a sport and important to the game?
  • Is the fence for livestock and animal protection?
  • Do you have pets and/or children and require secure access?
  • Is the fence to enhance curb appeal and you want a specific look?

Once you define the purpose of a fence, choose a fence material. Depending on your selection of a material, not all add-ons will be compatible for custom fencing.

A final consideration is how much of an add-on is necessary and where in your project should it be placed? Keep in mind that add-ons for new fences are an extra expense. It can make sense to only have the feature at the front of the house, while the backyard would be a simple barrier. Talk to Buzz, our team can confirm where and how often a feature should be included.

Puppy Picket

This is the ideal solution to contain small dogs and other pets. Works great with Wrought Iron Fences

Horse Wire

Horse wire is the perfect addition to keep your horses from reaching through fence lines. Works great with Farm & Ranch Fences

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is the ideal solution for chicken coops as well as to keep critters out of gardens. Works great with Most Fence Types

Hog Wire

Hog wire is the perfect addition to wood posts for a corral area and can be installed a permanent fixture or as a temporary enclosure. Works great with Farm & Ranch Fences

No Climb Wire

No climb wire is great for added security and doesn’t give when pushed or leaned on. It’s an economical option to install with wood or steel posts. Works great with Farm & Ranch Fences

Barbed Wire

This security feature can be added to the top of your fence or used as a fence perimeter:

Razor Wire

Similar to barbed wire, this security feature can be added to the top of your fence for additional security:

Access Control

Access control systems are a crucial part of security for residential and commercial fences alike in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We can install access control on all types of fences and project types. This add-on is great for all types of fences

Noise Abatement Panels

These panels can help insulate and contain noise from pool equipment, AC units and more. Great for:

Composite Noise Panels

These panels can help block noise from outside sources like traffic, noisy neighbors, and more. Great for:

Windscreens for fences

Windscreens are commonly used for Tennis Courts and other sports venues as well as at job sites. Great for:

Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are an affordable way to gain privacy with your current fence without having to do a completely new install of a privacy fence. Great for:

Board on Board

The preferred option when it comes to privacy, board on board has no gaps like a side by side fence. Great for:


Kickboards help prevent rot, provide structural integrity, and create clean lines for a polished look. Great for:

Drive Gate

Drive gates can be installed for all fence types and come in a variety of options including Manual or Automatic Solutions that run on Electric or Solar Power. Great for:

Iron Walkway Gate

Walk gates allow for convenient access and can be customized in a variety of ways. Great for All fence types

Fences Post Caps

Post caps come in a variety of shapes and materials. They’re the perfect way to add a special touch to any fence. Great for Most fence types

Fences Top Cap

In the same way Post Caps dress up fence posts, Top Cap adds a unique element to the rest of the fence for a more uniform look. Great for Most fence types


Finials come in many standard shapes and sizes and can even be customized with a design unique to your fence. Great for Wrought Iron Fences

Lattice Work

Latticework and large lattice fencing can be added to the top of your fence and can give your fence a unique flair of style. Large lattice fencing are great for:

Fence Trim

Fence trim can be laid on top of existing fence in a variety of patterns to give fences depth and a truly unique look. Great for:

Decorative Accents

New fences and gates can be dressed up with a variety of decorative accents. We can even create custom accents from your own personal designs! Great for:

Pet Add-Ons on Fences

From pet portholes to dog and cat runs, we can customize your fence to suit all your furry friend’s needs! Great for:

Custom Add-Ons for fences

Whether you’d like built-in seating or custom cutouts to surround your AC unit or Pool equipment, the Buzz team can build it! Great for: