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Redwood trees

America has a long history of wooden fences, and a house with a white picket fence is a mainstay of the American dream. Many modern people still love both the practicality and tradition of a wood fence, but wood comes in many types. How do you know which types of wood fences are best for…

cedar deck stain

Leading factors people consider when choosing fence materials include aesthetics, durability and cost. Each type of material will have its advantages and, of course, downsides, too. Let’s look at three leading fence materials to see which might be best for your new fence.

Cedar Wood Fence

At Buzz, we’re fans of many fence materials, from wrought iron to vinyl to chain link. The right material for the job depends on the purpose of the fence and the desires of the client. But we have a soft spot for cedar. In fact, our clients often ask us, “Why do you love cedar…