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Wood Fence Installation
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Wood Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are still a favorite fence style with many homeowners in the DFW area, whether it’s a backyard fence or anywhere on your property. Indeed, the white picket fence is a staple of the American dream. At Buzz Custom Fence, we favor the look of a wood picket fence over a white picket fence. That is, we like to let the beauty of the wood grain shine through. When custom built to your yard, it enhances your landscape and curb appeal for your home.

For the modern age, installing a horizontal wood fence could even be better than a picket fence. The simple design makes yards appear bigger and delivers an upscale farmhouse look. Buzz installs horizontal wood fences in a variety of wood stains and fence styles for your privacy fencing needs. Board on board allows for additional privacy and when combined with a driveway gate or stone columns, a beautiful entrance can be added to any home.

All of our wood fences — even the simplest of patterns — are customized for your DFW property, as we do not use pre-built panels. Building your fence one picket at a time allows us to adjust for slopes in your property.

Cedar Wood Fencing

Cedar wood is the most popular wood selected for a wooden fence for DFW homes.

While the bark of Western red cedar wood is red, the light brown wood holds just a tint of red. It has a tighter grain with fewer knots than many other types of wood, making it a good, solid choice for construction. Northern white cedar has a lighter color, which varies from white to yellow. Both red and white cedar will gray with age.

Softwood and Hardwood Fencing

Let’s look at a few popular options for wood fencing in Fort Worth. First, people often have questions about hardwoods versus softwoods. Trees that produce hardwood have broad leaves and are deciduous, meaning they drop their leaves each fall. Beech, mahogany, ash, oak, teak and walnut are hardwoods. Hardwoods absorb water slowly, but also dry out very slowly. Because they retain water, pickets made from hardwoods may not resist rot and break down. Softwoods, on the other hand, come from evergreens, trees with needles and cones. These include pine, cypress, redwood, fir, spruce, redwood and our favorite, cedar. Natural resins in evergreen softwoods repel termites and mold.

Pressure-treated SPF Pickets

Pressure treated SPF pickets are a common type of wood used for picket wood fencing. However, we at Buzz do not endorse them.

Pressure-treated wood usually starts out as a pine, or a mixture of pine species, as this is one of the only types of trees that can successfully undergo the pressure-treating process. After it’s cut to size and kiln-dried, the wood is treated with a special solution that staves off termites and decay. This turns the wood a dark green color and makes it very heavy.

It’s true that pressure-treated wood stands up to insects. However, Texas humidity can easily warp pressure-treated pickets. We have seen this happen in just one day!  Pressure-treated materials work better for a deck, where they lay flat, or in a drier climate. Buzz Custom Fence discourages using pressure-treated wood in our DFW market. We can’t stand the look of disappointment on a customer’s face when their beautiful new fence suddenly warps or splits.

Wood Stains for a Fence Refresh

Many people prefer to have their wood fence stained, as opposed to staying with the natural raw color and eventual graying of the wood.  At Buzz Custom Fence, we pre-dip each picket individually to ensure a more uniform stain around the entire picket. We require our pickets to have a moisture content of no more than 18%. This allows the picket to absorb the maximum amount of color and oil, which protects your fence from the elements.

Buzz Custom Fence is proud to offer Wood Defender Stains as an option on all our wood fences. Benefits of Wood Defender Stains include:

  • Uniform application
  • Waterproofs your wood
  • Mildew resistant
  • Shields U.V. rays
  • Stabilizes wood color
  • Restores weathered wood
  • Special formulation for extreme climates

All these benefits will prolong the life of your new fence as well as adding to the ambiance and resale value of your home.  For a comprehensive guide on wood fence maintenance read our wood fence maintenance tips.

Wood stain can also be applied to an existing fence, not just to a new fence. Make sure the surface is clean before applying wood stain to your wood fence.

Popular Fence Styles and Fence Types

In addition to offering you a choice of materials, Buzz Custom Fence will help you decide the perfect style for your fence. One of the most popular fence styles is the top cap and trim feature. A 2” x 6” piece of lumber placed horizontally on top of the fence and a trim piece added below give your fence that final “dressed up” look. Unlike the common dog eared fence style, this makes your wood fence look very smart and sharp.

Another option is called board-on-board or batten board and offers pure privacy as each crack between pickets is covered by another picket. This gives you a three-dimensional look with every other picket being overlaid by another.

With the shadow box fence, the pickets are placed alternatively on each side of the railing, allowing plenty of air space, as well as a semi-private look.  You can do this fence with either horizontal or vertical pickets and achieve the same effect.

Our goal is to give you the best experience and a long lasting fence that provides you with security and privacy, and complement your home and landscape while enhancing curb appeal.

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