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Electric Gate Installation
in Dallas Fort Worth

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Once you have an electric automated gate, you will never want to go back to manual! Experience the convenience of staying in your car and opening a gate remotely, avoiding the Texas heat and bad weather.

Go Electric with Buzz Custom Gates

At Buzz Custom Fence, we design and install electric gates for any fence, any purpose. Our team can automate gates for homeowners, apartment complexes, rural ranch properties, gated neighborhoods, factories, even the zoo!

Depending on the length and weight of the gate, a heavy duty opener may be required – providing better performance. Whether you want to automate a current gate, or you’re working with Buzz throughout the entire process, we will help decide on a compatible automatic gate opener. Electric gate openers can only open a gate one way, so a decision will need to be made on swinging, sliding or vertical pivot.

Electronic gate openers work for all gate types. Gate openers generally operate via alternating current (AC) power, solar panels or batteries. Some gates use all three power sources for reliable and consistent performance. You may be wondering which power source do we recommend? Here are a few indications that electric is your best bet:

  • Frequent automatic gate use. If you open your gate to leave in the morning and come home at night, you aren’t asking too much from your automatic gate. But if guests, family members or clients are coming and going all day, you will need a sturdier gate opener to withstand mechanical and power demands. Electricity is more reliable than a solar-powered opener, which is limited in the number of times it can open a security gate each day.
  • Tight budget. Electric driveway gates are cheaper to install and maintain than solar powered automatic gate openers. If you have little budget for automation, electric is the best option.
  • AC power is available for automatic driveway gates. If AC power is already available at the location of your gate, then going electric is a no hassle option. Running wiring out to the gate location, can be expensive and delay the electric automatic gate installation.
  • No hassle. Other than a power outage, electric gates work day after day. Solar panels require more maintenance, including cleaning and re-positioning panels after storms.

Electric Gate Installation and Repair Services

Gate automation reduces the hassle of accessing your property while also keeping it secure. At Buzz Custom Fence, we install automatic gates that will withstand the elements while also maintaining a quality aesthetic to work with your curb appeal, not against it.

Not only do we perform electric gate installation, but we also carry out automatic gate repair with the same reliable service our customers have come to expect. If you’re in need of automatic gate repair in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, or beyond, Buzz Custom Fence can help you get your gate up and running again. We can also help you prevent costly breakdowns with one of our gate service plans.

Maintenance & Automatic Gate Services

At Buzz Custom Fence, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials and designing gate solutions that prevent accidents and outlast the elements. We back gate installations and service with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor that protect your investment and ensure long term gate performance.

Buzz also provides ongoing, scheduled maintenance for your new gate. A professional technician should inspect your gate periodically, keep parts greased and confirm wiring is protected every three to six months. For high security and high use gates, Buzz also offers commercial gate maintenance packages, with emergency gate repairs throughout Texas.

At Buzz, we stand by our aim to promise a lot and deliver more. Get peace of mind knowing your automatic gate, powered by solar or electric, will provide necessary increased security, curb appeal, and property value for years to come after your gate installation. Contact us today to get a new electric gate for your Dallas Fort Worth property!

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