There are many differences between Buzz Custom Fence and our competition. Whether it’s our comprehensive service, positive online reputation, expansive service area, or our warranty.

Warranty on Labor

Buzz Custom Fence offers an extensive one-year warranty on all labor and workmanship, beginning on the date the final component was installed. This applies to design and installation of a fence, gate, kickboard, stone retaining wall, outdoor patio, decking and all components.

If the exclusions below don’t apply to your situation and you experienced a defect in our workmanship, we are sorry! As a consolation, we will arrange for free repair from our most experienced fence contractor.


  • One exclusion on labor is for repair of a fence or gate. Buzz Custom Fence can’t guarantee quality on a repaired fence, because most problems are a defective product vs. service.
  • Our labor warranty also does not cover damage caused by acts of God, such as a hail storm or tornado that hits North Texas. For a wood fence, water can also impact appearance and lead to discoloration, warping, splitting, twisting, shrinking, etc. If you opted out of a sealant to protect the wood from water, then Buzz Custom Fence can’t cover changes that occur.
  • If you sell your home, you cannot pass our warranty to a new homeowner. It’s only valid with the original purchaser.
  • Also, if there is an unpaid balance, we may decide to void the warranty until the full balance is resolved.
  • Finally, we can’t cover damage if installation or repairs were made by a different party. If we installed the fence, but then a different contractor or you made changes to the fence, then our warranty is void.

Warranty on Materials

Depending on the materials Buzz Custom Fence installed, there are also warranties from the manufacturer that we provide to customers.

Below, we have listed links to warranties on products we routinely install. If your manufacturer is missing, contact us. We would be happy to provide it for you. Most manufacturers require the customer register online to validate a warranty. Read over the warranty details and contact the manufacturer on any defects in the materials of their product.


Aluminum Fence Warranty

Buzz Custom Fence installs aluminum fencing from Barrette Outdoor Living. View their warranty here. We also install Alumi-Guard aluminum fencing. View their warranty.


Vinyl Fence Warranty

Buzz Custom Fence installs vinyl fencing from Active Yards. View their warranty here.

See what our customers are saying:

Friends of Tillery Park
The gate operator works beautifully. With the wonderful things you have done for us at Tillery Park we would not even consider another supplier for any additional work we might need to have done.
Apartment Complex Owner in Dallas, TX
The work went well. They are very professional and work was done as promised. Good warranty work on the gate. I would use them again if needed.


EMMA | Dallas, TX
Good service once you convince them to come out without giving you the third degree. I had to call Home Depot who I initially started with and the green sky who financed it just to get help for my gate. I’ve never been late in paying my bill and only had my fence for approximately two (2) years. The cost was a little high for what was wrong but I do understand the price of gas but some type of warranty should have been considered. These are my opinion and concerns.