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Just as your home fence keeps your children safe in the backyard, a school playground fence does the same task—times a couple thousand. Fences play a key role in school design. After reading a study on school fencing by Hanover Research, we’re going to get academic on you this week.

Whether it surrounds a home or a business, your fence proclaims your property line. It clearly states, This is my little kingdom (or queendom), where I make the rules. Not in an obnoxious way, of course, but as a just ruler.

“In the late 20th century, an ancient urban form began to reappear in modern settlements. Fortified and enclave developments have become an increasingly common feature of contemporary suburban building patterns,” write Jill Grant and Lindsey Mittelsteadt, two Canadian urban planning scholars. This ancient urban form they are referring to is what we know as gated…

Our favorite golf tournament has had several names in its 72-year run. Formerly the Dean & DeLuca, it will now be called the Fort Worth Invitational.

At Buzz Custom Fence, we love to make a difference in our community. Often we contribute to the happiness of individuals by building residential fences around family homes, or to the welfare of companies by building security fences.

Everybody has heard about fences making good neighbors on the home front. But fences are a great boon to your business as well. This week we’ll look at a few reasons that your business will benefit from a fence.

            One of the many purposes of a good fence is providing safety. In the case of a job site, the purpose is usually to keep trespassers out so they don’t hurt themselves. Kids, especially, are fascinated by construction tools and may be tempted to wander inside and take a…

Simple, easy to produce, and highly functional, chain-link fencing is popular for both commercial and residential use. Chain-link fencing is a great choice due to its effectiveness as well as low maintenance qualities. Explore the history of chain-link fencing to learn more about this popular fencing material: Origins Chain-link fencing has been around for a…