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love your fence

Sometimes we’ve been accused of liking fences a little too much. But we suspect we’re not alone. How many homeowners out there are proud of their attractive property? And what’s surrounding that beloved property and keeping it safe? A fence, of course.


The good thing about building a fence for a small dog is they don’t need as much space as a great Dane does to get sufficient exercise. The challenging part is keeping them from escaping underneath. With her short stature and tiny legs, your dachshund can wiggle under that fence like a little sausage. Here’s…

Fences for Rental Property

If you’re a landlord, you probably struggle with balancing how much time, energy and money to put into your rental property. You want your property to be a nice place to live, but at the same time, you know that tenants who seem normal at first might wind up being raving lunatics who damage your…

A close up of the American flag in front of houses and the logo of Buzz Custom Fence at the botto right

As we researched this week’s blog post, we felt a touch of nostalgia for a past we’ll never know. You see, colonial Americans took their fences very seriously. We at Buzz would have fit right in!

Builder Man

When building a new fence, it’s best to build it on your own property. Obvious? Yes. But property lines can be tricky. Most homeowners assume they know where their property ends. But they might be wrong. Before investing in a fence, you really, really need to know your property lines. Enter the surveyor. Dressed in a…


If you have a dog, you already know the wonderful benefits of their companionship. But you also know how guilty they can make you feel – staring at you with big, hungry eyes while you feast at the dinner table, or gazing pointedly at their leash when you just want to relax on the couch.