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Farm Fencing & Ranch Fencing Materials

Texas is the birthplace of  barbed wire fencing for farm animals and livestock containment. Barbed Wire was invented here in the late 1800’s for cattle fencing and allowed for the continued expansion of the western frontier. We like to think that Buzz Custom Fence can expand your farm and ranch frontier with a variety of field fence materials for any farm and ranch property in Texas.

Split Rail Fencing for Texas Farms

Split rail wooden fencing is a traditional material with a rustic and natural look. Cedar and pine are commonly used and can be stained or pre-treated for longer-lasting performance. Buzz only sources quality local timber with a natural resistance to bugs and decay. Alternatively, Buzz also offers composite split rail fencing options that are very durable and require less maintenance than wood fencing options. Split rail fences are simple in design, yet cost-effective for large enclosures, pastures and corrals.

A split rail fence is one of the easiest fence types Buzz installs. The time to install will mostly be affected by how many feet and miles of fencing is required.

Pipe Fencing for Texas Ranches & Farms

Compared to split rail and barbed wire fences, metal pipe fencing is a relatively new material. At Buzz, we encourage ranchers to consider pipe fencing for its durability, livestock performance and design. Choose from a palette of color options for your pipe fences for a bold look that will last for generations.

Buzz Custom Fence can design a pipe fence with as many horizontal rails as you like. We can also customize with rolled materials such as Sheffield wire, chicken wire, horse wire, barbed wire and more. We can even attach rigid hog panels to the fence in a color of your choice.

Farm Fence & Gate Applications

Metal pipe fencing is one of the best horse & cattle barriers. Adding more pipe railings to pipe fence (from 3 railings to 5) can help contain large animals. Cables are another option to improve security while still providing visibility. Split rail is a good option for smaller pasture animals, such as goats and sheep. Learn more about containing livestock in our full guide

Both types of field fencing can be used for a decorative accent to a ranch boundary. Buzz can also install custom walk gates, corral gates, cattle guards and driveway gates and ranch gates. Allow for easy vehicle and visitor entry, yet keep animals and your livelihood in.

Buzz can enclose an entire farm with a single material or mix split rail and pipe with other types. Our team will always recommend to match function and design to your application. Perhaps you want a white picket fence near your home and split rail for the backyard and fields. Or a grand entrance with stone columns and a gate for the driveway to announce your ranching heritage. At Buzz we can deliver any type of fence and gate system for any size property in Texas.

Contact Buzz for pricing, design and expertise on the following:

  • Ranch & Estate fencing
  • Equestrian fencing for paddocks, race tracks and more
  • Farm and field boundary fencing
  • Livestock fencing and containment
  • Corral pens and livestock stalls

Rest assured, Buzz Custom Fences are built-to-last and include a warranty. Our professional team of field fencing installers, welders, and design experts in Texas are ready to help you with your fencing and fence installation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A ranch pipe fence is specifically designed for rural properties, offering a durable and robust boundary that stands up to the challenges of vast landscapes. It combines the strength of steel pipe with the rustic look of a traditional ranch fence, making it ideal for farms, ranches, and other rural properties.

Pipe fencing is constructed using steel pipes, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting fence. Unlike other ranch fences, such as those made from wood or wire, pipe fences offer superior durability and require minimal maintenance. The steel construction of the pipe fence also provides a sleek and modern aesthetic, while still blending seamlessly with the natural environment of farms and ranches.

Absolutely! At Buzz Custom Fence, we offer a variety of custom fence designs that can incorporate elements like sheffield wire, barbed wire, chicken wire, and even hog panels. Whether you’re looking for cattle fencing, horse wire, or field fencing, we can customize the design to suit your specific needs and property requirements.

Steel is a robust and durable material, making it ideal for pipe ranch fencing construction. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, resist rust and corrosion, and offers a longer lifespan compared to other materials. Additionally, steel provides a clean and polished look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the fence and adding value to the property.

Buzz Custom Fence is committed to providing top-quality fencing solutions for all our clients. If you’re interested in installing pipe fences or any other accessories on your farm or ranch, simply reach out to us for a free estimate. Our team of experts will assess your property, understand your requirements, and provide a comprehensive quote for the installation.

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