Pool safety covers aren’t enough. Keep your family safe with a top quality swimming pool safety fence ,swimming pool safety gate, mesh pool fences and other pool safety products from Buzz Custom Fence. Each swimming pool fence is customized to your pool, with a variety of styles available.

Keep Your Children Safe Pools With A Safety Pool Fence

With approximately 300 children drowning in residential pools every year, safety for your child and your family should be a focus in the design and NDPA-logoconstruction of a pool enclosure fence. While many look towards safety covers, there is no substitute for parental supervision. A perimeter pool fence is an easy way to secure swimming pools. Buzz’s contractors can advise and provide additional information about this process.

Most cities and insurance companies, have strict guidelines for pool safety. The type, height and material of fencing around pools and gate latch design are all regulated to prevent accidental drowning. While codes vary in Texas by city, most areas have adopted the BOCA Pool Fence Code, now known as the International Building Council. At Buzz, we recommend this guide from a division of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Code Requirements for Pool Fencing and Gates Your DFW Swimming Pool Need to Follow

Code for pool fencing and gates is complex and changes over time to prevent additional accidents. Below is a summary of important considerations when looking to get a safety pool fence installed on your Dallas Fort Worth property:

  • Self-closing and locking gate latches are required
  • Typically, spacing of bars/pickets on iron or aluminum fences can have no more than a 4” gap
  • With a wood fence surrounding a property, the critical issue is whether the rails are inside or outside. If the vertical rails are on the outside of the fence, code typically requires “none climbable rails”. These rails have the top edge cut on the diagonal to prevent climbing from the outside.

Recommended Designs, Hardware and Materials for Your DFW Pool

At Buzz Custom Fence, we are partner with D&D Technologies and highly recommend MagnaLatch for pool fences. Their most recent technology, the MagnaLatch ALERT, features an audible pool alarm and flashing LED lights. It allows pool owners to quickly respond to gates left open or not safely latched.

Whether it is for an old or new house in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Buzz often recommend pool fencing with clear visibility to maintain sight lines around swimming pools. Popular materials are picket designs in aluminum, vinyl or wrought iron. Aluminum and vinyl pool safety fences are recommended for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. They allow for maximum visibility in a swimming pool area and with many styles to choose from, they add visual appeal to the pool area. Most aluminum fence manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, making it a great investment for your DFW property. Powder-coated iron fences are also an option.

See what our Dallas Fort Worth customers are saying:

Mike Hand
We had an existing steel fence that was powder coated to separate our pool area from the side yard and house for security. The fence had deteriorated over the years and the coating had failed creating a rust issue. We called on Buzz to repair or replace the fence and they recommended replacement since it would be more cost effective. The final product met and actually exceeded our expectations. The fabricator was a fellow named Martin’ who did an outstanding job as we had several requirements and wanted to modify the existing location somewhat. The powder coating also appears to be superior to our previous product. We would highly recommend Buzz Fence if you are in need of fencing since they are very responsive to requests from the customer and have a real desire for customer satisfaction.

Love my fence!!

NANCY | Hutto, TX
Replaced our “builder special” 6’ fence with a new 8’ board on board privacy fence. It’s working like a charm blocking the noise from the community pool.

Great product, great work!

DAVE | Fort Worth, TX
Buzz fence did a great job, especially David Ball. The product we chose for a metal fence around the pool looks amazing. The installers did a great job and it only took a day.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Safety Fences

  • 1. Why is a pool safety fence necessary?

    A pool safety fence is essential to prevent accidental drownings, especially for households with children and pets. It acts as a barrier, ensuring that unsupervised access to the pool area is restricted.

  • 2. How tall should a pool safety fence be?

    The recommended height for a pool safety fence is at least 4 feet, but some homeowners prefer a taller fence for added security.

  • 3. Are there specific materials recommended for pool safety fences?

    Pool safety fences are commonly made of mesh, metal, or vinyl. Mesh fences are popular due to their transparent nature, allowing clear visibility of the pool area. Metal and vinyl fences offer durability and can be designed to complement the home’s aesthetics.

  • 4. How do I maintain my pool safety fence?

    Regularly inspect your fence for any wear and tear, especially after extreme weather conditions. Ensure that the gate latches securely and that there are no gaps or damages that could allow access to the pool area.

  • 5. Can I install a pool safety fence myself?

    While DIY kits are available, it’s recommended to have a professional install your pool safety fence. This ensures that the fence is securely anchored and meets safety standards.

  • 6. How much does a pool safety fence cost?

    The cost varies based on materials, design, and the size of the pool area. It’s best to get a quote from a professional fencing company to get an accurate estimate.

  • 7. Can a pool safety fence be temporary?

    Yes, there are removable pool safety fences available. These are ideal for homeowners who want the option to take down the fence when the pool is not in use or during events.

  • 8. Does a pool safety fence affect the value of my home?

    A well-maintained pool safety fence can enhance the value of your home. It assures potential buyers that the property prioritizes safety, especially if they have young children or pets.

  • 9. Are there alternatives to pool safety fences?

    While a pool safety fence is the most recommended barrier, other options include pool safety nets and pool safety covers. However, a fence provides the most consistent and reliable protection.

  • 10. How do I choose the right pool safety fence for my home?

    Consider factors like the size of your pool area, your home’s aesthetic, your budget, and the primary users of the pool. Consulting with a professional fencing company can provide insights and recommendations tailored to your needs.