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At Buzz Custom Fence, we understand the frustration of fence post-splitting, a common issue many homeowners face. We’ve heard this heartbreaking story too many times: Homeowners decide to build a fence themselves, or, worse, they hire a disreputable fence company. The fence is finished, it looks gorgeous, until one day, often in summer, you think…

driveway slide gate

When you’re driving in your car and a gate automatically opens for you, probably there’s a loop detector to thank. This humble underground magnetic coil senses the metal of your car, triggering an electromagnetic impulse to the gate opener. And voila, you’re through the gate, as a VIP like you deserve.

Drive Way Automation

Some questions are so personal that even Google can’t answer them. For example, if you Google, “How many gates should my home have?” you learn nothing. Unless you want to know about Bill Gates’ mansion, and then you can learn a lot. At Buzz Custom Fence, when our customers ask us this question we walk…


If you already have an automatic gate opener, you know there’s no going back to parking, getting out in all types of weather and manhandling a probably wet and drippy gate. But you may wonder what’s better for you, electric or solar. Doing your part for the environment is great, but you need a gate…

driveway slide gate

If you’re shopping for a driveway gate for the first time, welcome to a new world of vocabulary. Many of our customers are surprised by the choices of slide, cantilever and swing gates. They ask, isn’t a gate just a gate?

So you’ve decided you’d like a driveway gate to protect your pets and family, or to improve your property value. Automatic driveway gates can add five percent to your home’s value, or maybe you just want to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Whatever your reason, it’s important to make a few decisions before…


The term “line of sight” has many exciting definitions. It can mean the straight line between a missile and its target, an object’s speed towards or away from the observer (also called radial velocity), or a double star

Pool Fence

Like everything else on your property, your fence is a consideration in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Now we’re not claiming to be insurance experts here, and we know there’s a wide variety of policies out there. In fact, did you know you can buy a policy to insure yourself against a zombie apocalypse or an…

Wire Fences

At Buzz, we see fences as individuals, each with their own style and personality. So when customers say, “just a chain link fence,” it always startles us.

Flowers on Fence

There’s an old joke about cemeteries and fences. It goes: Why are there fences around a graveyard? Because people are dying to get in! Granted, it’s a bad joke. But unfortunately, live people sometimes breach cemetery fences for evil purposes, especially around Halloween. These vandals demonstrate how important a good fence is to a cemetery.

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