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Buzz Custom Fence is now an authorized dealer with Sure-Fi, the first in the industry to offer long-range wireless technology. Most of us have experienced short range wireless. If you’ve ever attempted to find your car in a parking lot, you’ll realize your key fob needs a clear line of sight and can only work up to 100 feet.

With Sure-Fi, Buzz can now design a wireless gate and gate opener with many more applications, at a lower cost, with greater control for customers. Buzz installs wireless automated gates all over the Dallas Fort Worth area and throughout North Texas. Contact us for a quote to get pricing information.

  • Minimum 1/3 mile range!
  • Signal goes through any obstruction like concrete, steel and buildings
  • Wireless range extends 50 miles line of sight
  • Radio signal uses 900MHZ, compatible with any Wiegand system

Farm & Ranch Gates in DFW

Farm & Ranch Gates

For residential customers, an automated gate is convenient and a secure option to enter and exit your DFW property. However, when your sprawling property has gates that are far away from electricity and a Wi-Fi network, installing an electric/solar powered gate becomes difficult.

Buzz has visited many ranches and farms throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area, and most gates are out of sight from the residence. Trees, hills and miles of distance are often in between.

Most wireless gate systems require trenching and a wired connection to a control unit or intercom systems, located safely inside a ranch home. With Sure-Fi, trenching is no longer required and a DFW homeowner can be notified in their home that a guest has arrived and a wireless gate can be opened.

Applications for DFW Businesses

Sure-Fi is a new option in the access control industry, but don’t think it isn’t reliable or up to the demands of your DFW business. Military-grade, Sure-Fi has a range button for easy testing with signal strength, transmit and receive indicators.

In an urban setting, installing an automated gate can be expensive. Trenching to connect a gate to power or a receiver is difficult with concrete and other building components.

Sure-Fi’s signal travels through walls, buildings and doesn’t require a Wi-Fi network or a mobile hotspot. Save money on monthly wireless bills and continue to securely operate a gate in your apartment complex, parking lot, utility operation or other commercial application in the Dallas Fort Worth area.