Aluminum fencing is a wonderful alternative to traditional iron fencing. Aluminum fences offer maintenance-free character and added security, offering a better value long-term. Typically, aluminum has a lower starting price to wrought iron, although prices can fluctuate and have recently been affected by tarrifs.

Aluminum fences provide a certain lightness to your property, allowing you to maintain a connection with the environment around you with subtly thin aluminum rails and spacing, a luxury not afforded with vinyl or composite fencing.

Aluminum fences require very little or no maintenance, mostly due to our DuPont Platinum certified system coating process, one of only two coating processes in the United States. This coating process means that aluminum fences resist rust, even where the base of the post meets the ground.

The chemistry of this fence means it can survive nearly any environment—it can be placed in extremely high moisture or acidic areas.

Environmentally Conscious Fences

If you’re interested in being green, aluminum fencing may be the perfect option for you because it is made with recycled materials. Since they are manufactured, aluminum fences don’t have to undergo the maintenance associated with natural wood, meaning you can expect a higher life expectancy. This provides the greatest value for you investment.

It’s easy to incorporate this eco-friendly fence into your design. Aluminum fences come in a variety of styles and colors and will provide the same attractive look associated with traditional iron fencing, but at a more affordable price point. The standard powder coating colors of green, brown, white and black give years of attractive protection.

From color to style, you can customize your aluminum fence to match the style and décor of your home. These fences are available in two and three (horizontal) rail designs. Two rails work well for shorter fences and fences six feet or taller will require three rails.

Take a look at our aluminum fencing features and options to learn more about how our fences can add beauty, security and value to your property. Contact us today!

See what our customers are saying:

Barbara Baugher
We are extremely happy with your product as well as the amazing customer service you provided throughout. Our home was a new build, Hoyt was so helpful in helping me to visualize where the fence would be best placed. Being a new build, we had so many delays to having our fencing installed. We had big equipment for the pool build, as well as the landscape company, so we continually needed to delay the install of the fence for over 3 months. Each time Daniella would call to see if we were ready, I would explain the situation, she was ALWAYS understanding and pushed out our date a couple weeks so we were always being checked on. Now that the fence has been installed, the workmanship is impeccable. Yoell coped with my changes with a smile. He was precise in his measurements and leveling continually thru the process. It was amazing to watch the skill in his craft at work. We absolutely love the final result of the aluminum fencing and the appearance it gives our yard. Thank you all Buzz Custom Fencing for making our experience easy and without issue!
Kyle Harrington
Second time I have used these guys, great work and a quality job. First time I had them move a wrought iron fence back about 4 feet. The most recent job was to reset a post on our driveway gate that my teen daughter backed into. I also had them paint the entire driveway gate and it looks as new again. My next project will be to have them paint my entire back fence. I would recommend, you won’t be disappointed.