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backyard patio

The summer evenings are warm, you have a gorgeous fence delineating your yard and an attractive stone patio for entertaining. What’s next? How are you going to show your friends and family a good time in your backyard this summer?

Backyard Hammock

Just as summer creeps toward its sultry peak, the good people who approve official national days bring us the ultimate in relaxation: National Hammock Day! This is the perfect excuse to grab a book or magazine and read a few pages before snoozing in your backyard hammock. Or, if you’re like us, a hammock is…

new rules of barbecue

Now that you have that beautiful fence and patio – and maybe even a backyard fire pit—it’s time to get out there and enjoy it. Invite a few friends, break out the sodas and/or adult beverages, and have a cookout. At Buzz Custom Fence, we think everything tastes better cooked outside and drowned in barbecue…