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It’s the second day of February, and the furry varmint wakes after a long sleep, stretches, and pokes his nose out of his burrow. After a lungful of brisk winter air, he hauls his stiff self out of his hole and takes a look around.

outdoor fall decor

At Buzz, we like the look of a clean, fresh fence. But every once in a while – especially around Halloween – we get the urge to enhance our fence in a ghoulish way. At the same time, we’re not exactly Martha Stewart. So here are a few quick, easy ways to add some seasonal…

Backyard Hammock

Just as summer creeps toward its sultry peak, the good people who approve official national days bring us the ultimate in relaxation: National Hammock Day! This is the perfect excuse to grab a book or magazine and read a few pages before snoozing in your backyard hammock. Or, if you’re like us, a hammock is…

new rules of barbecue

Now that you have that beautiful fence and patio – and maybe even a backyard fire pit—it’s time to get out there and enjoy it. Invite a few friends, break out the sodas and/or adult beverages, and have a cookout. At Buzz Custom Fence, we think everything tastes better cooked outside and drowned in barbecue…

stars over the house

In our great state of Texas, it gets a tad hot in summer. So July and August are a good time to find ways to enjoy the outdoors at night when the sun goes down and the stars come out. That’s when we like to make like amateur meteorologists and take a long look at…

Wire Fences

At Buzz, we see fences as individuals, each with their own style and personality. So when customers say, “just a chain link fence,” it always startles us.

Shovel digging yard

“It’s my yard and I can dig if I want to.” It’s natural to feel this way. After all, you probably paid a lot for that property and you don’t want to answer to anyone, or wait around for somebody to come over and tell you where you can or can’t put your new begonias.


If you have a dog, you already know the wonderful benefits of their companionship. But you also know how guilty they can make you feel – staring at you with big, hungry eyes while you feast at the dinner table, or gazing pointedly at their leash when you just want to relax on the couch.