Gates need repaired, often more frequently than a fence. While your fence and gate may still have life left, you’re likely having issues opening and closing a gate. Often, it’s just a matter of time before your gate fails even with regular maintenance. Other problems can be caused by a poor design. Buzz Custom Fence offers residential and commercial automatic gate repair in Fort Worth, and surrounding DFW areas.

The first step is a free fence and gate inspection for our team to evaluate your issue and diagnose complex problems, such as an automatic gate that no longer opens. We work hard to fix your gate right the first time, but understand that our warranty excludes gate repairs. After we are able to inspect your gate problem, we can give you an estimate for the gate repair work and get your gate functioning properly in no time!

Driveway Gate Repair

A driveway gate is the ultimate in convenience until it stops working! Some types of driveway gates are more prone to repair than others. For example, commercial gates receive much more traffic than residential gates. Despite proper signage, it is only a matter of time before a swing gate hits a vehicle or a vehicle bumps into the gate. Gates can become misaligned, mangled and could need full replacement depending on the damage.

Lubrication of hinges is a common maintenance item for driveway gates. Hinges can also be bent and damaged if poorly sized for a gate. Slide gates rely on chains that also need to be greased.

broken gate

Old chains can get rusted and are affected by weather exposure, and may need to be replaced.

Automatic gates are more likely to need repair of the gate operator. A variety of problems can occur depending on whether your gate is solar-powered, has a battery backup or operates via electric. Batteries can die, solar panels will need to be replaced after several years and gate operator systems also need lubrication.

If your residential or commercial driveway gate is not functioning, please contact us and we can inspect your gate problem. We’ll make sure you get your electric gate system for your home or business operating normally in no time!

Emergency Gate Repair

Buzz Custom Fence works with business owners and even designed automatic gates for the Dallas Zoo! We understand that when your apartment complex, parking lot, gated neighborhood or factory gate stops working, it is an emergency. Money is at stake and a future liability is just waiting to happen.

Walk Gate Repair

Pedestrian gates are important for protecting access to your property. Fixing entry gates can be critical when attached to a pool fence, all it takes is a neighbor that enters via a latch that doesn’t lock. Walk gates that work properly are further important for your pets and children.

Often, walk gates wear out faster than other parts of a fence. Gate sagging is a common problem and is caused by weather, frequent use, and gravity. Usually, the cause of sagging is loose support posts. Adding a new concrete footer can provide the support your walk gate needs.

Another problem is the locks and latches. Buzz Custom Fence can upgrade your old rusted latch for a smart lock. If you find yourself misplacing the key, a keypad entry is an option for most walk gates and is child-proof. If you have a broken walk gate, please call us today so we can inspect your walk gate and get your gate back normal as quickly as possible!

Give us a call or contact us to help with your gate installation and repair services!