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We’ve spent over 25 years perfecting the art of brick fence construction. Our mission since day one has always been to exceed customer expectations and to tailor your fencing to match your lifestyle, home, and budget. 

We’re a proud Texas family business with a track record of excellence. Our awards include two-time recognition as Small Business of the Year by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. We employ certified masonry contractors that skilled in the art of bricklaying, mortar and construction.

Transform Your Perimeter with Brick

Consultation: The first step is a simple consultation to discuss your needs, preferences, and any strict HOA requirements. 

Design/Proposal: We design a customized solution for your brick fence. We’ll then provide a detailed proposal that includes design plans, cost estimates, and a timeline for your approval. 

Installation: Once you’ve reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with it, we progress to the installation phase. Starting with removal of any existing fence, building fence footers for support, then bricklaying the retaining wall or pillars. 

Post-Installation Support: Our commitment doesn’t suddenly end there after your brick fence is in place. We offer post-installation support to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Are you dreaming of a beautifully crafted brick fence, retaining wall, column or pillar that increases your property’s curb appeal while giving you more security and privacy? At Buzz Custom Fence, you can trust us to make that dream come true for your home in Texas.

Why Buzz Stands Out with Brick

Transparent Pricing

You won’t deal with hidden costs or surprises when you do business with us at Buzz Custom Fence. We’re a brick fence company that offers transparent pricing to ensure you know exactly what you’re paying for. With our transparent pricing structure, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment is well-planned within your budget.

Flexible Payment Plans

We believe that quality brick fence installations should be accessible to everyone. You’ll find that our pricing is competitive for the top-notch craftsmanship that you’ll get from our skilled workers. We also offer flexible payment plans to make your dream brick fence even more affordable.

Local Expertise

Being a Texas family business, we understand the unique needs and preferences of the Dallas community. We’re not just an outdoor fencing company; we’re your neighbors and take pride in delivering solutions that resonate with the local culture and environment.

Benefits You Can Expect From Brick

Investing in a new brick retaining wall, column or gate from Buzz Custom Fence offers many benefits beyond aesthetics.


A brick fence has a class appeal that complements many different architectural styles. Anyone who walks past your home will admire the new curb appeal of your brick fence.


Brick fences are widely known for their durability and are expected to last over 100 years after proper installation. If you’re looking for a fence solution that will stand the test of time, resist weathering, and require minimal maintenance, a brick fence is the one to choose.

Security and Privacy

A brick privacy fence acts as a security barrier and deterrent against potential intruders. It’ll help to keep your property and loved ones safe. 


Brick fencing offers excellent sound insulation. After getting a new brick fence installed, you’ll find that the sound outside of your property is noticeably quieter.

Boosted Property Value

A well-crafted brick fence adds more than just beauty to your property. It also increases the value of your property and makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

Customization Options

We know that every property has its unique characteristics. That’s why our expert team crafts customized brick solutions that match your specific needs and style preferences. Some of our customers like classic brick privacy fences, while others want more of a contemporary fence with a brick design. No matter what it is, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to install a brick fence depends on the complexity and size of the project. Usually, a brick fence installation can take a few days to several weeks, depending on these factors.

You have a range of brick options, including clay, concrete, and natural stone. Each type offers distinct aesthetics and durability.

Yes, brick is known for resilience in various weather conditions, including heat, rain, and storms.

As we mentioned earlier, brick fences are generally low-maintenance. Occasional cleaning with water and a mild detergent should suffice. Repointing mortar joints and addressing cracks promptly will ensure long-lasting beauty.

While brick fences may have a higher upfront cost than some materials, their longevity, minimal maintenance, and enhanced property value make them a worthwhile investment.