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outdoor fall decor

At Buzz, we like the look of a clean, fresh fence. But every once in a while – especially around Halloween – we get the urge to enhance our fence in a ghoulish way. At the same time, we’re not exactly Martha Stewart. So here are a few quick, easy ways to add some seasonal…

golf course fencing

Golfers and sports fans celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day every year on October 4th. The PGA holds a charitable golfing event to celebrate National Golf Day.

horizontal red cedar fence

Choosing fence materials, colors and designs are just a part of finding the perfect fence to suit your security and aesthetic requirements. Two of the most important factors during your search for your perfect fence should be durability and longevity. Although the style of your home, climate of your area and purpose of the fence…

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Many homeowners are daunted by the process of finding the best tradespeople for the job. How do you know you’re getting a high-quality, reliable, experienced professional who’s up to the task? Here are a few areas to evaluate when choosing a company to build your new fence.