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Install a Vinyl Fence

If you own a pet—especially a dog—you want to be able to let them outside without having to worry about their wellbeing. In addition, you don’t want them damaging your fence either. Both of these concerns are solved with a vinyl pet fence.

Importance of Choosing the Right Fence Material for Pets

It’s important to choose the right material for your fencing if you own a dog. Not all materials are created equal—wood and metal both have drawbacks that can make them less desirable for pet owners. The materials you choose should be resistant to damage, non-toxic, and solid enough to keep your furry friend safe.

For these reasons, vinyl is an excellent choice. We’ll get into the exact reasons why below.

Reasons to Get a Vinyl Fence for Dogs

What makes vinyl such a great option for dog owners? Vinyl fencing has a number of qualities that make it ideal for pet fences, including those listed below.

Vinyl Fences Are Strong

Dogs love poking around fences, and that can leave its mark on some materials. Fortunately, vinyl fences are strong enough for dogs and other pets since they have a high tensile strength and are highly resistant to scratching. The compounds used in modern vinyl fences make them much stronger and more flexible than wood, so they’re very difficult to break. This is great news if your dog likes to dig around the fence or scratch on it when chasing local wildlife.

Vinyl Doesn’t Deteriorate

Along with its resistance to damage, vinyl also doesn’t deteriorate the way wood or metal fencing does. Over time, wood may rot or chip, resulting in splinters and exposed nails/screws, and metal could rust, resulting in rough textures. Naturally, none of that is good for your dog, which is why vinyl is a top choice. There’s no risk of splinters, no sharp points, no corrosion—and therefore no worries for your dog sniffing around the fence.

Vinyl Is Easy to Clean

Many pets like to make messes. Dirt and grass clippings scattered around, paw prints everywhere, you’ve probably seen it all before. The good news is vinyl is very easy to keep clean due to its smooth surface. Dirt doesn’t get ingrained into the texture the way it does with wood, meaning all you need to do is just hose it down every so often to keep it spotless.
Stains can also occur, of course, but those are easy enough to spot clean with soapy water. Paw prints and other marks vanish almost instantly!

Vinyl Designs Block Visibility

Some dog owners are fortunate enough to own a mild-mannered animal who doesn’t bark at literally everything that moves. For everyone else, it can get a little annoying when your pooch decides to sound the alarm on every random person who walks by.
Again, vinyl fencing can save the day here by blocking visibility to the sidewalk. Unlike metal fencing, which has plenty of space to see through, vinyl preserves your privacy while also keeping random passersby out of the constant view of your ever-vigilant friend.

Vinyl Needs No Staining or Waterproofing

If your dog likes to lick or chew on stuff (including fences), you’ve probably done everything you can to discourage that behavior. In spite of your best efforts, however, it might still happen, which is why it’s so important for your dog fence to be non-toxic.
Since vinyl requires no paint, staining, or waterproofing, it’s an ideal choice if you own a chew-happy pet. There’s no risk of them absorbing toxic substances from the material itself, not to mention less chance of them marring the physical appearance of the material. There’s no staining or paint to scratch away, leaving your fence (relatively) pristine and your dog perfectly healthy.

Vinyl Fences Are Easy to Customize

Finally, vinyl fences are easy to customize. It’s easy to build in a dog run for your pet to get some exercise away from your flower beds, and pet portholes are a great way to let your furry friends see the world outside (if there’s not too much concern about them barking at innocent bystanders, of course).
The versatility offered by vinyl means you can get the perfect fence for your entire family, including pets.

Installing Vinyl Fencing for Dogs and Other Pets

If a vinyl fence sounds like a good match for your pet(s), then we can help you build one that perfectly matches your furry friend’s needs. We offer a wide range of customization options, including pet portholes, dog runs, cat runs, puppy gates, etc. For a free estiRmate, contact us at Buzz Custom Fence.