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presidents day

In February, people’s thoughts turn to Presidents’ Day, especially if they get the day off. At Buzz, we like to take a moment to contemplate the presidential fence. The White House is one of the world’s most famous and visited locations.

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The world just keeps getting more convenient. You can turn down your thermostat with your telephone, order laundry detergent with a click of your Amazon Dash button, and buy gourmet dinners in the frozen food section of your supermarket. And if you choose pre-stained pickets, you don’t even have to stain your new fence.

Fence Posts

A fence is only as good as the posts that hold it up. But did you know that all fence posts are not the same? They vary in type as well as material, and it’s essential to your fence’s wellbeing that you get the right type. The posts can be used for more than just…

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At Buzz Custom Fence, we understand the frustration of fence post-splitting, a common issue many homeowners face. We’ve heard this heartbreaking story too many times: Homeowners decide to build a fence themselves, or, worse, they hire a disreputable fence company. The fence is finished, it looks gorgeous, until one day, often in summer, you think…

sitting on a fence

Sometimes it’s too cold to go outside and build a fence, or there’s a hurricane or flood or some other act of God that keeps us from doing what we love best. So what do your friends at Buzz do then?

Texas vines plants

Many of our customers like to soften the look of their fences with some foliage. So we thought this week we’d report on some of the more successful vines to grow well on fences here in Texas. They’re awfully pretty, too. Vines work better than shrubbery if you have a small yard, or don’t want…


  At Buzz, we like when the fences around our homes look good. And we like when our neighbors’ fences look good, too. In fact, we prefer they keep up their homes and yards in general. Sometimes when they don’t, we get a bit aggravated.

outdoor fall decor

At Buzz, we like the look of a clean, fresh fence. But every once in a while – especially around Halloween – we get the urge to enhance our fence in a ghoulish way. At the same time, we’re not exactly Martha Stewart. So here are a few quick, easy ways to add some seasonal…

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Dallas Fence Regulations Explained! A man’s home is his castle. And yes, a woman’s is, too. So why shouldn’t you build any kind of fence and other structures you want on your property? You paid for it, right? However, folks’ creative fence dreams are often dashed by a slew of municipal restrictions. You might suspect…

golf course fencing

Golfers and sports fans celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day every year on October 4th. The PGA holds a charitable golfing event to celebrate National Golf Day.

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