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horse fencing

March 1st is National Horse Protection Day, also known as World Horse Day. Since the day was established in 2005, this year will be its fourteenth celebration.

horse fencing

At Buzz, if we’d taken up legal studies instead of fence building, we’d specialize in fence law. If you don’t believe this is a rich area, check out this interactive map prepared by the National Agricultural Law Center at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Click on any state and you learn all the relevant…


The good thing about building a fence for a small dog is they don’t need as much space as a great Dane does to get sufficient exercise. The challenging part is keeping them from escaping underneath. With her short stature and tiny legs, your dachshund can wiggle under that fence like a little sausage. Here’s…

Dog Digging under Fence

Let’s start this week with a few irrefutable facts: Americans keep more than 70 million dogs as pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. Between 37 and 47 percent of American households include a dog. Dogs dig. And chew. And jump. One hundred percent of our customers don’t want their dogs chewing on the…


What weighs 30 pounds, can sprint up to 45 miles per hour, jumps so athletically it appears to levitate, and eats everything from citrus food to snakes to livestock carcasses? It’s your not-so-friendly neighborhood coyote. And you definitely don’t want one in your yard – especially if you have cats, small dogs or livestock.

Outdoor Space For Cat with Fences

If you have a cat, you know how felines love to stalk around the yard – especially at night – feeling the wind in their fur and sniffing out friends, foe, and prey. Working cats like mousers have great responsibilities that require them to be outside. But what if you live in the city with…

puppy proof wooden fence

Fences have a myriad of benefits: blocking your view of skinny dipping neighbors, preventing deer from chomping your garden, and giving you privacy when you’re relaxing on your patio furniture. Many of our customers are also thinking of the four-footers in their family when building a fence.

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At Buzz Custom Fence, we love pets and want to keep them safe. And while “pets” can mean anything from your goat to your iguana, this article will focus primarily on dogs. America’s approximately 88.3 million cats are too wily for fences – unless you’re zoned for a 10-foot-plus fence or can add a roof…