Too often, homeowners are blind-sighted by fence permit requirements, only to be told during an HOA meeting or inspection that the fence needs to be removed. In the Austin Metro, many new homeowners are moving from other states. Buzz Custom Fence educates residential customers who are not familiar with local fence standards, rules and regulations. Problems can happen when a homeowner decides to DIY a fence without proper permits. Even worse is when a fence contractor is hired that ignores city fence guidelines.

In the Greater Austin Metro, each city publishes unique requirements and guidelines that can include different restrictions, materials and heights. Some cities have published these rules on a website with online permit applications, while other cities simply upload a PDF and require permit applications to be sent via fax or mail.

If your home is located in a planned community or you pay for a homeowners association, additional requirements are common that are not included below. It is always recommended to email your HOA manager and talk to a neighbor! If everyone around you has a backyard fence that is wood and no taller than 4 feet, there is probably a reason.

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