Custom Iron Fences

Custom ornamental iron, frequently referred to as wrought iron fencing, is a beautiful addition to any property. Buzz Custom Fence uses only the highest quality iron for strength and longevity. Ornamental iron fencing gives you an open feel with that classic decorative look, while still offering the high level of security you may desire.

Iron fences are the secure, strong and durable option among metal fences that can also be aesthetically pleasing and relatively maintenance-free. They are naturally bug-resistant so you can enjoy those beautiful Texas days in your backyard knowing your space is secured by your iron fence.

DFW Wrought Iron Fencing

If you’re looking for custom wrought iron fencing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’re just a phone call away! At Buzz Custom Fence, we provide attractive, custom fences and gates that match your specific needs. The quality materials we use are matched with superior craftsmanship to produce results that are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and perfectly functional.

Our local fence contractors can help you design the right fence to protect and ornament your property, all while meeting city requirements, such as height and placement limitations. If you’re in the DFW area, we’re thrilled to build the wrought iron fencing you need.

Built To Last

You can expect your iron fence to last for years to come. A long-term fence like this should be exactly what you like in design and aesthetics, and fortunately, they come in a variety of beautiful shapes, designs and color. From accessories like fence ornaments, finials, and inserts to a variety of iron styles to choose from, you can customize your fence however you like all while adding value to your home.

Our iron fences receive an exclusive perma-plus paint powder coating to provide a longer lasting finish than the traditionally painted iron fences. The coating is even waterproof and comes in traditional black and bronze, or choose from brown, green, white, and neutral brown. You can even get custom colors from a color wheel. Tired of a color? Easily repaint the fence. Some quick sanding, priming and painting with rust-inhibitive primer and exterior rust-inhibitive enamel paint over the fully cured primer. For the best, most long lasting results, see our full instructions on iron fence maintenance.

Striking Good Looks

The best thing about having an aesthetically pleasing iron fence is that in addition to looking good, it also provides the security you want to sleep with peace of mind. Although they can be artistically elegant, iron fencing is also low-maintenance, strong, long-lasting and provides a secure border for your home. Adding pointed, spear-shaped finials and spires can provide extra protection against intruders while its main vertical posts make it a difficult surface to climb.

At Buzz Custom Fence, we are proud to offer a variety of ornate designs including the most basic to traditional designs like hairpin fences, characterized by loops that rise above the horizontal bar at the top of the fence. From scrolls to straight vertical iron bars, we can help you design the fence to match your design personality while adding security to your home.

There are many benefits to choosing an iron fence over others. Interested in adding an iron fence to your home or business? Contact us today!

See what our customers are saying:

Homeowner in Northlake, TX
I have used Buzz over several years. I had them replace a dog fence in 2013. Then when I moved into our new home in 2016, we had them install a Decorative Black Iron Fence and then several months after that we had them install a cedar split rail on the back half of our property.
Homeowner in Duncanville, TX
Buzz removed the fence, re-fabricated it and powder coated the final product. The installation was very good and we are completely satisfied with the end product. We would certainly recommend Buzz for any fence project if you are in the market. They have great customer service. Ask for the installer/ fabricator named Martin, if you are contemplating a steel or wrought iron fence. He is a great craftsman.
Homeowner in Grand Prairie, TX
Buzz is truly amazing. They explained the work that needed to be done and did the work quickly taking into account my schedule. The price was the best quote I received. They reset four swaying steel posts, and replaced a few pickets. Installed two doggie peep holes in 8×6 ft of wood fence. Then they finished the project with 10×4 ft of metal iron fence with gate.