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Wrought Iron Fencing
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Ornamental iron fencing, frequently referred to as wrought iron are a beautiful addition to any property. Wrought iron provides an open feel with a classic decorative look, while still offering a high level of security needed from a new fence. Adding pointed, spear-shaped finials and spires can provide extra protection against intruders while its main vertical posts make it a difficult surface to climb.

Iron Fence Installers

If you’re looking for an iron fence installation in Dallas Fort-Worth, we’re just a phone call away! At Buzz Custom Fence, we provide attractive, unique wrought iron fences and driveway gates that match your specific needs. Buzz Custom Fence uses only the highest quality materials for strength and longevity. We employ craftsman fence contractors with decades of experience to get your install right! Finally, we survey your property beforehand and follow city permit requirements such as height and placement limitations.

Iron Fencing That Is Built To Last

You can expect your ornamental iron fence to last for years to come and provide a lifetime of security. We provide a variety of fence options including finials, footers and inserts to a variety of styles.

Our iron fences receive an exclusive perma-plus paint powder coating to provide a longer lasting finish than the traditionally painted iron fences. The coating is even waterproof and comes in traditional black and bronze, or choose from brown, green, white, and neutral brown. You can even get custom colors from a color wheel. Tired of a color? Easily repaint the iron fence. Some quick sanding, priming and painting with rust-inhibitive primer and exterior rust-inhibitive enamel paint over the fully cured primer. For the best, most long lasting results for your wrought iron fence, see our full instructions on iron fence maintenance.

Iron Fence Designs

Modern iron fences are rust free, secure and strong. They are a durable option among metal fences and are aesthetically pleasing and relatively maintenance-free. Buzz Custom Fence has expertise on traditional iron fencing like hairpin, characterized by loops that rise above the horizontal bar at the top of the fence. From scrolls to straight vertical iron bars, we can help design every component to match your desired look and home.

Buzz designs iron fencing and gates which complement landscape designs featuring vines, hedges and plants. Wrought iron fencing enhances curb appeal and adds value to a home as they last for a lifetime and are popular with luxury homebuyers.

An iron fence or gate is an attractive addition to any property. But in order to keep your fences and gates looking good, they will require maintenance. To ensure that your iron gates and fences always look beautiful, keep these maintenance tips in mind.

  • Take protective measures. Wrought iron fences can rust when they are exposed to elements such as rain and humidity. You can apply a protective coat of wax to your fence to ward off rust. If your wrought iron fence is near a pool, rust is also more likely to develop, so applying a protective sealant (which can be purchased at any hardware store) may be a good idea.
  • Clean your fence. You can clean your fence and gates with a mixture of warm water and dish detergent. After cleaning away dirt (brush hard-to-reach areas), rinse the fence with water. Then, let the fence dry completely. Cleaning your fence will keep your wrought iron looking great and make it easier to spot any potential problems.
  • Use caution with the lawn trimmer (weed eater). Over time, that continuous “whacking” of the base of your iron post will cause damage.
  • Inspect your fence regularly. You should regularly inspect your iron gates and fences to identify any areas in need of repair. Look for signs of rust, loose or unstable footings, cracks, or other damage. If the fence has been painted, look for chips in the paint, then take steps to repair whatever damage you find. When noticed right away, most wrought iron fence problems can be easily fixed.
  • Repair rust spots. If a small area of your fence has begun to rust, you can take steps to minimize the damage. Use sandpaper or steel wool to remove the rust, then stop the corrosion by applying wax or a sealant. Touching up your fence’s paint job can also minimize the appearance of rust.
  • Fix bent sections. It’s possible that an accident could bend a part of your wrought iron fence. If this happens to your fence, you may be able to fix it yourself. Use a blowtorch to heat the bent sections of the fence and then hammer them back into place. As always, use caution when working with tools. If you are uneasy or unsure about a repair, feel free to call Buzz Custom Fence.

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