Fences are a valuable investment for a home and business that help provide safety and security all while maintaining curb appeal for your Fort Worth TX property. As with all investments, fences need to be maintained. When it comes to maintenance, some types of fences (a wood fence, chain link fence, etc) may be easier than others. But eventually, a fence needs repair or replaced by a fence company if neglected.

How Do I Know When to Repair or Replace My Fence Existing Fence?

There are 5 important factors to consider when thinking of fence replacement or fence repairs. Not all conditions need to be met for a fence replacement by a fence repair company. For example, the current application of your existing fence may still be true, but the condition is compromising performance. Let’s take a look at the 5 factors to consider when on the fence about a fence repair or replacement from a fence company:

1. Fence Condition

The most important consideration is the material. Is your wood fence or wood posts rotten beyond repair? Has your wood fence or wood posts been damaged by weather and storms in the Dallas Fort Worth area? If the condition of your new fence is beyond repair, then it’s time to replace it. If replacement is your decision, consider a different fence type, especially if it’s your location and the Fort Worth TX climate that led to fence deterioration.

2. Cost of Fence Repairs and Replacement

It only makes sense that if the cost of a fence repair is the same or higher than the cost to replace, then replacement is the best option.

3. Current Fence Purpose for Your Fort Worth Property or Home

Have you added new features to your Fort Worth home or business? For example, if you currently have a chain link fence, but built a pool, consider a more secure fence type like wood fences vs. repairing a chain link fence. As your reason for having a fence changes, the type and design of fence might have to change as well.

4. Warranty

At Buzz Custom Fence, we warranty new fence materials and even the labor is covered in the event of a future problem. Due to many factors outside of our control, we can’t warranty a fence repair. If you want to prevent the cost and hassle of another fence repair, then consider a new fence that will last for years.

5. Value

Replacing a fence will quickly add value to a property and earn the respect of your neighbors in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Visually, your home or business will have a new look, all while adding security and privacy to your Fort Worth TX property. If you’re trying to sell your home, Century 21 finds that, “…the appearance of a fence adds value to the home overall. Buyers with children or pets will appreciate the privacy and security of an enclosed backyard.”

Whether it is for wood fences, wrought iron fences, or chain link fences, we highly recommend keeping these 5 factors in mind when deciding if you should do a fence repair or replacement. If you’re still undecided about the fencing services you need, our local fence contractors in Fort Worth TX can help and provide great quality work! Contact Buzz Custom Fence today. Give us a call for any of your fence repair needs in the DFW area.

See what our customers are saying about our fence repair in Fort Worth:

Previous fence company failed to repair, Buzz delivered!

Homeowner in Aledo, TX
Exceptional quality and professionalism. After a miserably failed attempt at fence repair and partial refabrication with another fencing company, I called Buzz Custom Fence based on the positive Angie’s List reviews. Hoyt came out twice before the project started to discuss the job and expectations. He also put together a very comprehensive proposal complete with diagrams and photos (NOT the experience I had with the other company). This proactive approach led to very smooth project execution when it was time to start. The crew itself, led by Joel, was very professional and clearly had a high quality standard. They were also flexible to minor tweaks to the plan as the project progressed…things we did not anticipate or ideas the crew had for improved finished product.
Homeowner in Fort Worth, TX
This is the third time I have used Buzz for fence repair and each time the service and quality was excellent

Great - As Always

JANET | Fort Worth, TX
Buzz did a great job on repairing a section of my fencing that was leaning. Danny was great at doing the estimate. Victor, who did the work , was professional, fast, and did a great job. Thank you all!

Highly Recommended

TIM | Haslet, TX
Excellent fence repair work, I highly recommend Buzz for fencing.