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There are many ways you can increase the value to your home. In some cases, a fence or gatecan help for comparatively lower investment. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways new fencing could lead to a property value increase.

How to Increase Property Value with a Fence or Gate

There are a few ways a fence or gate could increase your home’s property value, but note that the differences are often negligible. That said, it can be a selling point to specific buyers, which may help you command a higher price if you have multiple offers.

Match Neighborhood Trends

One way a new fence could increase a home’s property value is if most homes in your neighborhood happen to have fences as well. If your home is the only one on the block that doesn’t have a backyard fence, for instance, it might not sell for as much as other homes in the area, so adding a fence could somewhat increase its value because of that.

Boost Curb Appeal

There’s also the matter of curb appeal (the first impression people get when viewing your home from the street). Backyardprivacy fences don’t typically add to a property’s value in this way since they are generally not visible from the curb, but wrought iron fences or driveway gates could since they can enhance the overall appearance of the property without obscuring important details, likelandscaping or architectural design.

Increased Appeal for Dog Owners

Nearly 70 million Americans own a dog, so it may be worthwhile to install fencing to appeal to dog owners. While most people don’t think much about fences when shopping for a home—the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms are usually higher priority—fencing can be a major sell for dog owners looking to keep their pets safe when they’re outside. Bonus points if your fence has custom pet-friendly features such as dog runs or pet portholes!

Promote Safety and Security

Some types of fencing, including privacy fences and wrought iron gates, add to the overall perception of safety and security a property has. Wrought iron gates in particular are hard to climb and send a clear message to would-be-intruders to stay away. This could add more value on top of the other factors listed here, especially for families with children or those who hate being disturbed by solicitors.

Add a Prestigious Vibe

Finally, some types of gates can add to the overall feeling of class your property has. High-end homes with an automated driveway gate might be able to command a higher price in upscale neighborhoods, especially if such gates are already considered standard in the area. Of course, as with backyard fences, this benefit may not be as pronounced if other homes in the neighborhood don’t typically have drive gates, but it really depends on your local market.

Fencing and Property Value FAQs

Do fences lower property value?

Typically no, unless they’re improperly installed or otherwise unsightly.

How much value does a new fence add?

The typical return on investment for a new fence is about 50%. This is true for wood, vinyl, or even iron fences in areas where there’s demand for fences and gates.

How much value does a privacy fence add?

Privacy fences may offer more value if your 1) home currently doesn’t have one, and 2) is in a neighborhood where such fences are considered standard.

Evaluating the Cost of Installing a Fence or Gate

Of course, the increased value that comes from installing a gate or fence could be offset a great deal by the cost of materials and installation. Wooden fences are typically the most affordable, and they work well in neighborhoods with a more rustic or classic suburban appeal. Vinyl and metal/wrought iron fences are a little more on the pricey end, but they can spruce up the appearance of higher-end houses, especially in the case of drive gates.


Installing a fence has the benefit of being relatively affordable when compared with some other types of home improvements, such as installing granite countertops, remodeling bathrooms, or adding a pool. Because of this, the cost of installation may be justified by the marginal value fences add.


Put simply, the cost of installing a fence ultimately depends on the property, the materials you’re choosing, and the time it will take to get everything in place. To keep from adding to those expenses further, we at Buzz Custom Fence actually offer free estimates so you a risk-free way to get an idea of what a new fence would cost. To learn more, check out our previous projects or get in touch!