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love your fence

Sometimes we’ve been accused of liking fences a little too much. But we suspect we’re not alone. How many homeowners out there are proud of their attractive property? And what’s surrounding that beloved property and keeping it safe? A fence, of course.

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Happy Groundhog Day! What, you’re not celebrating? You don’t like groundhogs in your yard? How about raccoons, opossums, moles, gophers and chipmunks? Did we just hear somebody out there in cyberland call God’s creatures “varmints?”


It’s the second day of February, and the furry varmint wakes after a long sleep, stretches, and pokes his nose out of his burrow. After a lungful of brisk winter air, he hauls his stiff self out of his hole and takes a look around.


  At Buzz, we like when the fences around our homes look good. And we like when our neighbors’ fences look good, too. In fact, we prefer they keep up their homes and yards in general. Sometimes when they don’t, we get a bit aggravated.

outdoor fall decor

At Buzz, we like the look of a clean, fresh fence. But every once in a while – especially around Halloween – we get the urge to enhance our fence in a ghoulish way. At the same time, we’re not exactly Martha Stewart. So here are a few quick, easy ways to add some seasonal…

golf course fencing

Golfers and sports fans celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day every year on October 4th. The PGA holds a charitable golfing event to celebrate National Golf Day.


Is the mother in your life a lady who lives to garden? Does she like to spend sunny days outside working on her tan? If you have an outdoorsy sort of person on your Mother’s Day shopping list, we have a few ideas for her special day. And yes, they’re better than slug bait or…

Wire Fences

At Buzz, we see fences as individuals, each with their own style and personality. So when customers say, “just a chain link fence,” it always startles us.

Builder Man

When building a new fence, it’s best to build it on your own property. Obvious? Yes. But property lines can be tricky. Most homeowners assume they know where their property ends. But they might be wrong. Before investing in a fence, you really, really need to know your property lines. Enter the surveyor. Dressed in a…


If you have a dog, you already know the wonderful benefits of their companionship. But you also know how guilty they can make you feel – staring at you with big, hungry eyes while you feast at the dinner table, or gazing pointedly at their leash when you just want to relax on the couch.