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Installing and replacing a fence can be a tricky job to undertake, even for a fence company. Where do I put the posts? Do I anchor them with concrete? How do I know they’re in place? These are just a few questions to consider when installing a new fence or replacing your current one. Installation and replacement, however, doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Do I Need a Fence Company to Replace my Fence?

Fences can be worn from the harsh Dallas Fort Worth weather or need to be replaced because they weren’t properly installed. Choosing high-quality materials and a professional fencing company, can prevent a fence replacement down the road.

A few signs your fence can’t be repaired: it has weather rot, termite damage, missing sections or will simply cost more to go through with a fence repair than replace with new materials.

What Does a Fence Company Do with my Old Fence?

At Buzz Custom Fence, we recycle what we can. Our team will remove your existing fence and take it to our showroom in Fort Worth TX. Your trash could become someone’s treasure. We work with contractors that pick up scrap fencing for use in construction, remodeling and carpentry. You also have the option to keep the materials, for a future DIY project.

Have Your Needs Changed for Your Fort Worth TX Home?

Now is the opportunity to consider different fence types, designs and materials to meet your needs. Do you need more privacy? A new pool is a great time to add a new fence and gate. Are you welcoming a newborn into the family? A secure fence and gate can make backyards safe for play.

Consult with Buzz to share your needs for a new fence, and we will provide recommendations that match your budget, expectations and design of your property in the Dallas Fort Worth Tx area.

Fence Replacement & Installation in Dallas Fort Worth TX

Once your old fence is removed, our team will cleanup the area, remove debris and install the new custom fence. At Buzz, we use only high-grade materials and our team is experienced and trained to professionally install. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll come back and fix any problems.

If you’re looking for fence repair services, installation of a new fence, or replacement of your old one, call Buzz Custom Fence today for a consultation and estimate.

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