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constructing a fence

We know how it is. Sometimes those important house projects seem overwhelming. We wonder if we’ll never get around to them. But it helps to break projects down into small steps. So if you’ve been thinking gee, I really need a fence in my yard, or, gee, my fence looks cruddy and I really need a new one, these are the steps to take to manifest your dream fence.

Step One: Give Us a Call

Everybody’s texting and emailing these days. But at Buzz, we think a plain old-fashioned phone call never goes out of style. Our number is 817-200-4395.

Step Two: Make an Appointment

Once you have us on the phone, step two is easy. We’ll set up a time for a consultation and an estimate. When we meet, you’ll tell us your needs and any ideas you have about the materials and look of the fence. Want more privacy? Need to contain a high-jumping dog? Let’s talk about it.

Step Three:  Planning

If you decide to go forward with the project, our designers will draw up some ideas. They’ll present you with drawings and photographs until you’ve agreed upon the perfect fence and gate. We specialize in iron, wood, chain link, vinyl, aluminum, masonry and composite materials, and offer many green and low-maintenance options, so you’re sure to find a look you love. This is also the time when we check ordinances, determine property lines and apply for a permit, if necessary.

Step Four: Demo

This is when we remove any old fencing. Our crew tears out and, if possible, recycles the unwanted fence materials. Or, if you’re a DIY sort of person with your own projects, you may choose to keep the materials for yourself.

Step Five: Construction

This process differs, depending on what type of materials you choose. In general, we start by marking where the corner posts will be, then planting them using a post hole digger. We set these with concrete so they’ll stay put. If you’ve chosen a split rail or a wire fence, next we’ll place the top and bottom rails. We’ll keep adding panels or rails until the fence is complete.

Step Six: The Gate

Finally, the finishing touch—your new gate! You might choose to match the style and materials of your fence, or pick something that will contrast. We have lots of ideas, from an elegant, eye-catching wrought iron gate to a wooden gate stained to match your house. Some of our customers like to accent their gates with pewter or glass finials. This is all part of our custom design service, to make sure we build exactly the gate you want.

Ready for a new fence

Step Seven: Clean up and Go

Once we clean up the worksite, we leave you to enjoy your new fence.
See, it’s not so hard. Why not try step one right now? Pick up the phone and give us a call. Our design consultants are ready to get started building a fence you and your family will love. That number, again, is 817-200-4395.
Photo courtesy of markbajecphoto1 on flickr.