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A Fence for Your Business

Everybody has heard about fences making good neighbors on the home front. But fences are a great boon to your business as well. This week we’ll look at a few reasons that your business will benefit from a fence.

Protect Your Property

A fence clearly delineates the boundaries of your property, making it obvious that uninvited folks aren’t welcome. It’s the first line of defense against intruders. If you operate a business where some of your tools or materials are stored outside, a fence is crucial. Even if your property is all tucked away inside a secure building, a fence provides an extra deterrent.

Shield Yourself from Prying Eyes

Worried about industrial espionage? Or just nosy folks trying to see what you’re up to? A fence adds the perfect layer of privacy. Depending on the nature of your business, privacy might also be important to your clients. Or your employees may need the opportunity to work undisturbed. Consider a closed fence of vinyl or wood boards.

Curb Appeal

Let’s face it: Some businesses are more attractive than others. If your business requires a yard full of metal parts, stacked tires, PVC pipes or other stuff that unenlightened neighbors and passers-by term “junk,” a fence can help keep the peace. An attractive fence is good for everybody’s property values. Further dress up your property with spiffy matching gates.

Ready for a new fence?

Cover Your Behind

Okay, so your property is clearly marked. But without a fence, uninvited guests –i.e. trespassers –are likely to straggle onto your land. And when they do something stupid and get hurt on your property while handling your materials, these are the idiots who are most likely to sue. The presence of a fence makes the trespassing deed that much more obvious. The harder a trespasser has to work to enter your property, the less likely a judge is to hold you liable for the miscreant’s foolishness.
Have we convinced you? If you’re ready to draw up the plans for your business’ new fence, contact us today. We can help design and execute the perfect fence to offer privacy, security and aesthetic value to your business.