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Kangaroo Fence Project

Recently, Buzz Custom Fence had the opportunity to help an Arlington business with a somewhat unusual kind of problem—what happens when your kangaroos jump the fence? Buzz has previously worked with the Dallas Zoo and built fencing for livestock, dog parks and game hunting ranches.

However, Kangaroos were a first for our team and a fun challenge. With some careful design choices and expert installation, we were able to help the Kangaroo Outback keep their animals safe inside their enclosures.

About The Kangaroo Outback

The Kangaroo Outback is a petting zoo in Arlington, Texas that offers locals the unique opportunity to learn about kangaroos and wallabies. Formed for the purpose of educating people about these animals, staff members offer tours through the farm, allowing visitors to learn about kangaroos and their habitat. It’s also a popular destination for birthday parties.

Installing a Game FenceKangaroo Fence Project

Of course, if you keep kangaroos, one of the risks you’ll have is that they’ll jump the fence. Another possibility that most people might not consider is that they’ll also dig under it, so the fence needs to be both high enough to prevent jumping and have effective ground-level measures in place.

To solve this problem, we installed a game fence around the enclosure that was sufficiently high to prevent escape. If a kangaroo jumps into it without clearing it, there’s also enough of a trampoline effect to bounce the animal back to ground level without harming it.

For the digging problem, a perimeter wire mesh system was installed. No marsupials can dig their way out, and nothing can dig its way in either.

The fence was completed on March 1, 2022. Overall, the farm has been pleased with the results, especially since they haven’t had any escapes in over two months now!

About Buzz Custom Fence

Buzz Custom Fence has been in business since 1998 and has a location in the City of Arlington, TX. We serve major cities in Texas to Phoenix, Arizona. We offer residents and businesses the best in fence and gate design and installation. We strive to meet every client’s needs—including unusual requests, such as preventing kangaroo escapes. To learn more about how we can serve you, get in touch.