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Driveway Gates

Your driveway gate is the boundary between your private castle and grounds, and everything that lays beyond. It’s both a physical and symbolic barrier between your personal and public life. What could be better than driving home after a long day’s work and seeing a gorgeous set of driveway gates signifying you are home sweet home at last?

Gate materials

A good looking gate starts with the right materials. You need something that’s both durable and attractive. If you’re going for subtlety, choose iron, vinyl, wood or aluminum that matches your fence. Looking for a bolder statement? Pick a contrast, such as a cedar fence with a wrought iron gate, or a wooden gate with an aluminum fence.

Getting fancy

A quick glance at Pinterest will show you some of the ways people have turned a functional gate into a work of art. What looks right for your property –wooden pillars, Victorian scroll work, eccentric welding jobs–depends on the construction of your house and the surrounding landscape. If you live in the country or on the outskirts of town, a rough-hewn wood gate gives a pretty rustic touch. But that would look strange with a modern house, which pairs better with a sleeker gate. Artsier neighborhoods lend themselves to more unusual gates, such as pewter or glass finials. We’ve even seen uber-creative people weld kitchen utensils and musical instruments into their drive gates. Again, consider your location and the reactions of your neighbors.

Ready for a new fence

An Inny or an Outy?

This is less about form and more about function, but it’s important for both convenience and maintenance to ponder how your gate should open. The gate’s purpose and location might dictate which option you choose.

Swinging gates are a classic design and are common for manually powered operation. Automating swinging gates is doable for homeowners. But for businesses, apartment complexes or anyone who does a lot of entertaining, swinging gates might not be feasible, as they can damage vehicles and block sidewalks. We can build swinging gates to open inward or outward, depending on obstructions and security requirements.

Sliding gates are popular for commercial properties, especially when vehicles are entering and exiting at the same time. They take up less space and work well in heavier gate materials such as wrought iron and steel.

Consider solar

In Texas, we like to make use of that precious resource, the sun. Solar automation is growing in popularity with environmentally conscious folks, and also those who like to save money in the long run. At Buzz, we’re happy to answer all your solar gate opening questions.

Here to help

Not sure what’s best for your castle? Give your friends at Buzz a call. We have oodles of design and construction experience. Together we’ll determine the best looking driveway gates to fit your needs, aesthetic sense and budget.

At Buzz, we love helping our customers choose driveway gates with superior form and function. But if you want to fortify your castle with a moat full of alligators, you’ll have to contact the pet store.