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Does your fence have curb appeal?

So, you’ve decided to move. You’re a little bit sad to leave your house, your neighborhood and your trusty fence behind. But you’re more excited about what lies ahead – new home, new opportunities. Maybe you’re so excited that you’re getting sloppy about some of the details that will make your soon-to-be-former home look its best. We’re here to tell you to stop, take a deep breath and a closer look before putting your home on the market. You don’t want to leave money on the table, do you?
Let’s go outside and look at that fence. The following quiz will help you determine whether or not your fence has curb appeal.
Note: This exercise requires complete honesty.
1. My fence looks…
A. New
B. Broken in
C. Broken
2. My neighbors have asked me…
A. Who built my fence, because they want one just like it
B. If I plan to re-stain it soon
C. If I want to borrow their tools so I can rip that eyesore out
3. My fence has…
A. Every slat in place
B. Most slats
C. Picture a piano – the white keys are slats, and the black keys are negative space

Ready for a new fence?

4. The color of my fence…
A. Perfectly matches my house
B. Contrasts in a more or less appealing way
C. Was chosen by my drunken, colorblind ex-brother-in-law
5. My gate…
A. Is solar-powered and smoothly opens when my car pulls up
B. Has a latch and a string
C. Wait, I was supposed to install a gate?
As fence enthusiasts, we could think of a lot more questions. But this is probably enough data to determine whether or not you have curb appeal. So grab a chair, grab a beer, and get ready to take a clear look at what your score reveals.
Give yourself two points for every A, one point for every B and zero for each C. Ready?
8-10 points: Your fence is just about ready for the sale. Give it a quick cleaning.
4-7 points: You might need some help. Call us sometime soon.
0-3 points: Stay calm, but this is an emergency. Pick up the phone. Now. Call your friends at Buzz Custom Fence. We’re at (817) 263-9788