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Railroad Fence Systems Installed in Texas

At Buzz Custom Fence, we’d love to live in an ideal world where all people were good, decent folks who did no harm to others and used perfect common sense. This world of responsible citizens wouldn’t need us to protect them from themselves.
Alas, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, approximately 500 people die annually in railroad trespasser incidents. Whether drunk, on a dare, or taking a shortcut to get a pizza, a simple fence could have saved their lives.

Reasons to Install Fencing Around Railroads

In addition to pedestrian safety, fences protect train riders. Most of us have seen areas around train tracks become dumping grounds. Not only is this unsightly and unhygienic, but trash on tracks could cause a derailment. Fences decrease the chance that a rail right of way turns into a major garbage dump.

When it comes to transportation, Homeland Security isn’t just concerned with airplanes. As a major part of our country’s infrastructure, the railway system is one of Homeland Security’s priorities. A fence alone won’t keep out the bad guys. But it is a deterrent and a first line of defense.

Fencing Materials for Railroads

Almost all forms of fencing are used around our country’s railroads, including chain link, ornamental iron, expanded metal, vinyl and wood.  Materials are chosen depending on the security needs of a particular area, and on aesthetics. The building and code restrictions in some areas and municipalities may determine the material used. At Buzz, we’re proud to do our part to protect citizens and improve the aesthetics of rail right of ways. One of our favorite jobs was constructing a railroad fence in historic El Paso that required us to design a look befitting the area.

Ready for a new fence


No federal requirements force Amtrak or other railroads to install fences along their right of ways. So the fence question is answered on a case by case basis. Some folks are opposed to fences because they’d rather see open space, or they like taking that shortcut, or they believe in the survival of the fittest. Towns and railroads often disagree about who should pay for a fence. At Buzz, we’re on the side of safety. Which makes us pro-fence, of course.

Want to protect your own special patch of land? Whether you operate a railroad or lord it over your private home, your friends at Buzz can design the right fence for you.