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New Year House Door

One of the most common New Year’s goals is to get more organized. This week we’ll look at what this means for your yard and property. In particular, an organized yard could include:

While many people make New Year’s resolutions, studies show that more than half go by the wayside. No matter how well-intentioned you are, everybody is busy these days. Here are a few tricks to make you one of the winners who fulfill their goals in 2019.

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Set the Right Goal

The right goal is one that motivates you. Maybe you yearn to grow your own rhubarb to bake in a pie, or to win a prize at the county fair for the biggest pumpkin. Or you intend to read more (another common New Year’s resolution) and you know having a tranquil area of your yard would put you in the reading mood. What’s the wrong goal? One that reeks of drudgery and duty, that you’re only doing because somebody else thinks you should. Not motivating.

Be Realistic

Are you looking at a weedy, unfenced patch of dirt and imagining a basketball court, flower garden, flagstone patio, fire pit and a huge, artistic fence? Hey, we love your vision, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Depending on your budget, you might have enough goals there for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Decide what you want to tackle first, and what can realistically be accomplished with your time, energy and money.

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Break it Down

Once you decide what to pursue first, break it down into steps. Say you want a flower garden. Your to-do list could include choosing the right spot, getting rid of grass or ground cover, digging it up, selecting your plants, planting, mulching, and watering. Pace yourself.

Get Back on Track

What happens if you fail to live up to your yard goals? Well, probably nothing, except an annoyed spouse and self-recriminations. If you miss a few weeks of weeding, get back to it. You promised you’d wash that vinyl fence in February and now it’s April? Wash it now. Life often gets in the way of our best intentions. But that doesn’t mean we need to give up, or put it off until next year.

Get Fence Help

You might have ideas for your yard that you can’t accomplish by yourself. Whether you need a master gardener or an outdoor lighting expert, help is out there. Your friends at Buzz Custom Fence are ready to assist you with many of your yard resolutions, including repairing or upgrading your fence, building stone retaining walls, patios and fire pits. Call us today if you want help with your 2019 yard resolutions.

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