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Golfers and sports fans celebrate National Golf Lover’s Day every year on October 4th. The PGA holds a charitable golfing event to celebrate National Golf Day.
At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re not only golf fans, but we also love golf fencing. So in honor of National Golf Lover’s Day (also called National Golf Day), today we’re looking at the importance of golf course fencing.

Why Do Golfers Love Fences?

Golfers love the grand, open expanse of green that a good course provides. It’s like a world apart from the everyday. But what sets it apart? We could come up with various metaphorical and philosophical answers here about the meaning of golf. But physically, a good fence protects the golf course from the petty annoyances of the rest of the world.
First of all, a course needs a perimeter fence. Often this is chain link, coated for durability, in a tasteful color, possibly topped with barbed wire. A perimeter fence keeps non-golfers out, both for their own protection, and the sanctity of the course. By 2017, we’ve all seen too much of this: Random folks wandering around looking at their phones, earbuds in their ears. They’ve been known to walk off cliffs and keep texting.
Next, fences provide interior structure for the features of the course. They direct carts along paths and protect golfers from ditches.
Privacy fencing is important for certain ‘necessary but less-than-beautiful’ areas of the course. It blocks golfers’ views of dumpsters, maintenance areas and cart parking. If the course abuts a residential area, privacy fencing shields golfers from the mundane distractions in people’s backyards. Who wants to look kids jumping on trampolines or see dogs barking at them while golfing?

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Dean & Deluca Tournament

At Buzz, our favorite tournament is the Dean & Deluca at Colonial Country Club & Golf Course in Fort Worth. The Dean & Deluca Invitational Tournament is one of five invitationals on the PGA tour. It happens every Memorial Day weekend. In 2018, it will be the 72nd annual tournament. Not only is this our big local tournament, but Fort Worth’s local golfing hero, the late Ben Hogan (1912-1997), still holds the record for winning the tournament five times.
Buzz has a personal role in the tournament: Every year, we spend 10 days in May madly taking down tennis court fencing and redoing all the gates and entries to prepare for the huge event. And afterward? We put it all back the way it started. We take our task very seriously, as the top players participate in the tournament, watched by legions of fans. The winner takes home more than $1 million. So you know that fencing must be perfect.
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