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Everything You Need to Know About Chain Link Fencing


Chain link is one of the oldest fencing materials, but still remains popular today. This metal fence material can be a smart choice for commercial and residential applications. Not only is chain-link one of the most economical materials, but chain-link is versatile. Join us as we bust a few myths about chain-link and change your perception of this fence type.

Myth 1: Chain Link is Ugly

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room! Today’s chain link is not your grandfather’s zinc colored, ugly, galvanized steel metal fence that rusts over time. Many of our customers still have this outdated image in their mind when deciding on what to install for safety, privacy and security.

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Instead, what is more popular today are vinyl, PVC and polyester coatings. Vinyl chain link not only changes the aesthetics and design, but nearly eliminates fence maintenance. Experience all of the benefits of vinyl fencing with the stability of chain link!

Vinyl chain link is ideal for families with small children and pets. It’s also a great option for large backyards. One of the cheapest materials per linear yard, chain link is also easy to install, keeping labor costs affordable.

Vinyl Chain Link is Popular in Backyards

Black Vinyl Chain Link at a Dog Park

dog park

A Highland Park Playground with Chain Link

Myth 2: Chain Link Isn’t Secure or Safe

We have had homeowners and business owners believe in this myth over the years. While chain link is woven and can be climbed, chain link is frequently used for perimeter security. In fact, one of the unique features of chain link is visibility which allows for security guards and cameras to see intruders easily.

Buzz has designed and installed chain link fencing for a variety of commercial applications: prisons, the Dallas Zoo, utility outposts, storage centers, railroads, warehouses and more. Razor wire and barbed wire are frequently added as fence toppers to prevent climbing. Concrete footers provide a secure base that deters digging underneath. Thicker gauges of chain link are also available and prevent cutting and entry.

Fencing can also be combined with a chain link gate. Popular with commercial and industrial locations, gates can allow for easy vehicle entry and exit. Chain link gates can even be automated with access control features for remote security.

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Chain Link is Good at Keeping Intruders Out and Pets and Children In

If you are concerned about the safety of young children or animals, rest easy with chain link fencing. Over the years, Buzz has installed chain link fences for playgrounds in city parks, dog parks and even water parks. Vinyl coatings eliminate rough edges and are safe for children and pets to touch. Buzz has even installed chain link for a variety of outdoor sports, including baseball backstops, soccer complexes, tennis and basketball courts. PVC piping can provide a fence topper that prevents injury and helps with fence durability. Chain link is an accepted material and important to the field of play.

Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire

perimeter chain link barbed wire

Green, Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Gate

vinyl chain link gate

Commercial Chain Link Security Fence

secure fencing

Loading Dock with Tall Chain Link Fence

loading dock chain link fence

Myth 3: Chain Link Isn’t Private

Another myth of chain link fencing is whether it is a suitable material for privacy. Chain link is versatile and can be used for both visibility and for privacy! Adding a windscreen is a simple add-on that makes chain link a privacy fence. Green or black windscreen colors combined with a vinyl chain link fence create a nearly invisible barrier that blends into the surrounding landscape. Composite noise panels can also be added to help block out noise from traffic, neighbors or nearby businesses.

Many homeowners want a tall chain link fence for the best in security and safety. However, it’s important to review your city’s code requirements. Some cities, such as Prosper, ban all chain link fencing for residential properties. Other cities in the DFW Metro have strict height limits for front and backyards often around 4 and 6 feet.

Without a windscreen, chain link does have high visibility compared to other fence types. If your property is already private without neighbors nearby, chain link can be a smart choice. Especially if you have a view of a lake, garden or forest.

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Vinyl Chain Link with Windscreen

Black Chain Link Fence with Green Windscreen