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Pool Fence

Like everything else on your property, your fence is a consideration in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Now we’re not claiming to be insurance experts here, and we know there’s a wide variety of policies out there. In fact, did you know you can buy a policy to insure yourself against a zombie apocalypse or an alien abduction? Anyway, depending on your home, property and insurer, here are a few ways your fence might be relevant to your insurance policy:

Possible lower rates

Insurers are like God – they look kindly upon those who help themselves. So if you’re taking measures to secure your house against bad guys, such as installing deadbolts and an alarm system, or building a solid fence, insurers appreciate it. They recognize that lazy bad guys will probably make a beeline for your neighbor’s house with no fence, no alarm and a spare key predictably waiting under the welcome mat. Welcome, bad guys! And for you, hello better insurance rate.

Fences around pools

Buzz is located in the great state of Texas, which requires homeowners with swimming pools to install and maintain fences around them. This helps prevent drownings, and keeps your pool clear of sneaky kids and skinny dipping neighbors you really, really don’t want to have to confront. A wise law indeed. Not all states legally mandate pool fences. However, many insurers won’t cover a home with a pool unless it’s securely fenced and gated.

We Do Gates

Fences and insurance claims

What if a hellacious windstorm blows down your beautiful fence? At Buzz, we’ll shed a few tears along with you, then roll up our sleeves and get to work fixing it. As for your insurance company, they usually include fences under “other structures” coverage. This protection pertains to sheds, garages, outbuildings and fences. Falling trees and storms are common fence predators, and result in lots of calls to insurers. However, if your fence is ancient and decrepit, don’t wait for a windstorm to finish it off and then stick your insurer for the cost. That’s just tacky. Instead, dust off that piggy bank and start saving.
It’s always good to know what your policy covers before any unpleasant incidents occur. Check on your “other structures” coverage, and if you’re negotiating rates, mention your heavy-duty fence. You might even get a break on your zombie apocalypse insurance. After all, zombies won’t want to risk losing body parts shambling over a fence. Instead, they’ll probably make straight for your fenceless neighbor with the mat that says “welcome.” Wait, can zombies read?
Whatever. At Buzz, we don’t boast about being experts on zombies or insurance. But we’re tops at designing and building high-quality fences. If you need a fence, give us a call.