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Wood Fence

At Buzz, we enjoy working with an array of fence materials. We love them all – from chain link to cedar. But sometimes we run across an attitude that’s just a touch snooty about composite versus wood. Sure, wood is beautiful and natural. However, your situation and disposition might lend itself to a composite fence. Take this mind-expanding little quiz.

  1. Do I like repainting fences?
  2. Do I have time to repaint a fence?
  3. Do I love splinters?
  4. Are bug infestations my idea of fun?

If you answered yes to two or more questions, go with wood. But if you answered with four resounding negatives, consider opening your mind just a little regarding composite. Today we’ll discuss Fiberon Woodshades Fencing, a type of composite that we’re proud to offer our customers.

What is Fiberon?

People who recycle appreciate Fiberon. This composite consists of scraps from the lumber mill, recycled plastic, and other odds and ends – kind of the hot dog of the fence material world. We love the ecological aspect of Fiberon. The manufacturer estimates that it saves 60,000 tons of plastics and other waste from piling up in local landfills. No trees are cut down to make Fiberon, the manufacturing process produces no waste water and the material is free from toxic chemicals commonly found in pressure-treated lumber. Only elitists dislike hot dogs, right?

Advantages of Fiberon

Using Fiberon Woodshades Fencing isn’t just about patting yourself on the back for being eco-friendly. It has significant advantages over wood, including that it won’t crack, splinter, rot, attract bugs, or require painting or staining. The Fiberon Woodshades system is backed by a 15-year limited warranty on pickets and backer rails, and a 10-year limited warranty on posts.

Fiberon Styles

Your Fiberon fence will look just like wood. You can choose from privacy fencing, Gothic picket fencing or ranch rail fencing. All come in three colors: rustic barnwood, rustic cedar and rustic redwood. The pickets are available as individual pickets and rails or in prebuilt 39-inch by 67.5-inch panels. Customers choose from dogear or square-top pickets. The ranch rail system can be customized for height and is available in two or three-rail configurations. If you want a privacy fence, you can choose from board on board, shadow box or traditional. Add a customized gate to any style of fence.

What do you think?

Did we expand your mind to ponder the marvels of composite fencing? Or are you still a diehard fan of wood? Either way, we’re happy to help you brainstorm your dream fence. Give us a call and together we’ll design the best fence for your home and lifestyle.