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Cedar Wood Fence

At Buzz, we’re fans of many fence materials, from wrought iron to vinyl to chain link. The right material for the job depends on the purpose of the fence and the desires of the client. But we have a soft spot for cedar. In fact, our clients often ask us, “Why do you love cedar pickets so much?” This week we’ll answer that question.

1. Cedar is Tough

Cedar is designed to withstand snow, wind, and rain. Why? Because it comes from trees. After all, what do trees do but stand around, day and night, in every sort of weather? That’s what your fence will have to do, too. With a little bit of annual maintenance – checking for weak spots, perhaps staining—your cedar fence can last up to twenty years. Unlike fencing made from metal, cedar fences never rust. Cedar also naturally resists rotting, warping and insects.

Ready for a new fence?

2. Cedar is Beautiful

Cedar pickets make a classic fence. You can even paint them white if you’re extra-traditional. Or go for the woodsy, natural look with a light stain. Your cedar fence will attractively welcome visitors to your home, making an excellent first impression. And if you decide to sell your house, a cedar picket fence boosts curb appeal.

3. Cedar is Eco-friendly

As we mentioned above, cedar is a natural insect repellent. Why spray nasty bug spray into your property’s clean air if you don’t have to? Naturally grown wood –i.e., trees –are a normal part of most landscapes, unlike factory-produced synthetic materials that belch toxins into the environment. It takes less energy to produce wood products, and they come with built-in thermal properties that also do their subtle part in keeping your property warm in winter and cool in summer.

Go, Cedar!

Are you psyched for cedar? Call your friends at Buzz and we’ll design and build the cedar picket fence you’ve always wanted.

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