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Wood fencing remains one of the most popular choices among Fort Worth residents, because it offers a nearly infinite array of styles. Wood fences can be used for practical purposes, like containing livestock, or they can be used to simply add visual appeal to your property. They are also perfect for increasing security and privacy. The style of a wood fence often reflects its function. Custom fence builders can create a fence that perfectly matches your property:

Custom Fence and Walk Gate in Ft. Worth, Texas

Privacy and Semi-Privacy Fences

Most wood fences are designed to increase privacy and security, and as such, they are solid in construction with little to no view between the slats. Custom designs that include variation in slat depth can increase the play of light and shadow, making the fence more attractive.

Further options to boost appearance can include a dual-level design, with the upper portion of the fence taking cues from the architecture of your home. Fences that match your property tend to add the greatest level of curb appeal.

Trellis and Lattice Fences

Ideal for gardens, lattices and trellises can make up part of any wood fence design. Lattice fences are perfect when paired with fence-friendly vines or creeping plants. Foliage on a lattice fence can actually help increase the privacy on your property. Consider combining a semi-solid fence and a trellis for added visual interest.

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Rails and Ranch Fences

Functional, attractive, and iconic, ranch fencing can add character to any property. Sturdy and easy to care for, this kind of fencing is perfect for functional applications like containing livestock. It’s also useful for delineating borders on large properties.

One of the best features of wood fences is that they can be fully customized to suit your tastes, needs, and property. Buzz Custom Fence has many completed designs on our website that can help you find inspiration. Give us a call at (817) 263-9788 to learn more about this attractive fencing material