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Lattice Wood Top Fence

Once you’ve made the decision to add or replace a fence, you’re probably ready to have it installed yesterday. Our customers always ask the reasonable question, how long will it take to install my new fence? On average, it takes us a few days to install a fence. We know, that’s a vague answer. But a successful fence installation depends on a few factors.

Fence Installation Time

Buzz Fence finishes most fence installation jobs in a two or three days. We know that every fencing job is different but our customers need a timeline of when we will be complete so they can enjoy their backyard. Our teams establish clear project timelines before beginning any work!


Some stretches of time are busier than others. First, we have to get you in our appointment book before we can proceed. This will not impact the amount of work time but can impact the job completion date.

Fence Seize

As you can guess, a bigger fence usually takes longer to install than a small fence. Since we build fences of all sizes, estimated times to build them can vary significantly with the job.


A more complex design will take more time to erect. But if you’re after an artistic, elegant fence, we promise that extra time will be well worth it.


Some yards are rockier than others. Since a safe, durable fence requires digging your fence posts down to a certain depth, and digging through rocks takes longer, your yard’s unique terrain can affect install time.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing Buzz can do about inclement weather. Sometimes storms force us to take a break until conditions are better. This can cause delays in installation.

Ready for a new fence?

Our Commitment

At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re committed to building you a durable, aesthetically pleasing fence with minimal interruption to your routine. We make every effort to complete jobs in a timely and professional manner. Not to boast, but we have won quite a few awards, including Small Business of the Year by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Emerging Family Business of the Year by the Fort Worth Business Press and the Angie’s List Super Service Award. We’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Call us today and we’ll figure out how long it will take to install your dream fence.