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House Front Stairs

Curb appeal is usually an idea that people discuss when they’re preparing to sell their house. Basically, it means that your house looks good from the outside—maybe even good enough to buy. But whether you’re trying to get top dollar for your house or plan to live in it indefinitely, it’s always nice for your home to look its best. Here are five ideas for raising your domicile’s curb appeal.

Add some plants

How’s your landscaping? Are things looking fresh? Any flowers blooming? Adding new greenery gives your house an instant lift, even if you don’t have the time or money to overhaul your whole yard. Even a few bright, potted flowers on your front porch can boost curb appeal.

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Repaint your front door

Painting your front door a bright, pretty color revitalizes your home’s look. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make a change, and to spice up dull neutral colors. Hello, red or purple? There are even apps to try out envisioning different colored doors on your house.

A touch of decor

You know how festive a pine wreath looks at Christmas? Well, even if it’s summer, you can now find season-appropriate wreaths. A new doormat is another way to add new style and color to your entryway, and it takes five seconds to install.

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Focus on the pathway to your house

This suggestion could be a bit more labor-intensive than the previous, but is well worth pursuing. Consider further defining the pathway to your house. Maybe build a new one with stones or bricks. Or accent the path to your front door with plants or solar lights.

Maintain or update your fence

Your fence is one of the first things visitors or potential buyers see as they approach your house. So it’s important to get out there and keep it clean and in good repair. Is your fence dirty, mossy or slimy? Are any slats broken? Is the whole thing leaning at a sad angle?

If you need any help repairing your old fence or building a new one, give your friends at Buzz a call. We are curb appeal experts.

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