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Like everybody else these days, here at Buzz Custom Fence we’re not above turning to Google for inspiration and entertainment. And some of our most entertaining search terms are “weird fences” and “unusual fences.” This week we’ll share some highlights from the world of weird fences that we’ve found perusing the internet.

Fence as Display Space

Are you a collector? Have you run out of display space inside your house? Why not share your collection with the public by arranging it on your fence?
Somebody’s doing that with their license plate collection, in this photo from the Dark Roasted Blend website:
license plate fence
Or maybe your collection is a little weirder, like mannequins and horses. That’s okay. The world wants to see it. Also from Dark Roasted Blend:
crazy fence decor

Art Walls and Fences

Want to really make a statement? How about a thick wall topped with enormous mosaic-tiled snakes? Queen Califia’s Magical Circle in Escondido, California, was created by the late French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Her works live on around the world. But as far as we know, this was her only snake wall.
snake wall
Of course, you can also paint directly on any wall or fence, which is easier than mosaicking a snake. In Detroit, pretty much everywhere you look, street artists have turned the city into an outdoor gallery.
outdoor art
Photos by Teresa Bergen

Creative structures

What’s more colorful than a box of colored pencils? A fence made out of giant colored pencils. This one comes from the Odee website.
colored pencil fence

Longest Fence in the World

At 3,500 miles long, the Dingo Fence in southeast Australia is the longest fence in the world. And perhaps the ugliest. But to give it credit, this enormous fence does keep dingoes from eating sheep and cattle.
Dingo Fence:

Border Fences

By now, everybody has heard of President Trump’s plan to build a giant wall between the US and Mexico. And while many are shocked by this, crack open a history book and you’ll see it’s nothing new. Or, if you’re under 100 years old, just look at Google. Ever heard of the Great Wall of China? It was built to keep Mongolians away from their richer Chinese neighbors. How about Hadrian’s Wall in Britain? Designed to keep Scots and the English a part. Remember the Berlin Wall? And in the Middle East, a fence along the Egypt-Gaza border reaches 60 feet underground, to prevent tunneling beneath. We just hope that if this wall really comes to fruition, that government designers use a little creativity so that our wall goes down in history just like China’s. How about a 1,000 mile long mosaicked snake? That will show China! And if our wall takes as long as China’s to build – construction on the Great Wall lasted for about 2,000 years – this will be the greatest jobs program our country has ever seen.
Great Wall of China:

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