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Driveway Wooden Gate with Iron Frame

If you’re a home builder—especially if you’re developing a whole tract or neighborhood—you’re probably thinking of how to build a cohesive community. Builders do this through paint colors and landscaping elements like stone walkways or recurring plants. But one of the most important ways to demonstrate that your space is a true community is to build a fence around it. This sets your space apart both physically and psychologically. With 25 years in Fort Worth, Buzz has worked with several home builders to HOA’s to real estate developers on fencing and gates.

Whether you’re building single-family homes or apartments, fencing is one of many questions you’ll need to address. Right now developers are creating apartment communities at an astounding rate. Nearly 40 percent of new homes are apartments. Aesthetically, you may choose a different fence for a one or two-story house than you would for apartment buildings, but many of your concerns will be the same.

Going gated?

When you’re building a community, there are likely to be two levels of fences. If your development is composed of single-family homes, each family might want their own fence around their property. But if you go gated, there’s also a formidable perimeter fence around the whole community.

Why are gated communities so popular? People feel safer when development has fewer points of entry. There’s also a feeling of exclusivity. Both these factors increase home values, sometimes by as much as $30,000.

Perimeter fencing can also reduce noise. This is especially important if your development sits near a highway or other noisy location.

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Best fence practices

Whether you’re building a golf course and lakefront properties, an assisted living community or luxury condos and townhomes, these best fence practices hold true.

  • Fence posts should be set deeply enough to withstand rain and wind.
  • Resist the temptation to cut corners. Instead, opt for high-quality materials. Choose individual pickets over cheapo panels. Spring for galvanized nails. And pay extra for a stepped fence if your property is on a grade.
  • Set your fence the appropriate distance from the ground. While you don’t want your fence touching the dirt or grass, builders often leave too big a gap at the bottom of the fence.
  • Pay attention to the gate. Make sure it’s hanging straight, not sagging, and has attractive hardware.
  • Concrete must be mixed just right if you want your fence posts to stay secure. Too much water means your cement will crack as water evaporates and your cement shrinks. Too little, your cement will be mighty hard to pour.
  • Keep in mind that a solid privacy fence might sound nice, but it will block views and can decrease sunlight in people’s gardens.
  • Use your common sense. Don’t put your fence on top of a sprinkler head.

At Buzz, we work on projects large and small. If you need some help with perimeter fencing around your apartment complex, golf resort, New Age wellness retreat, dude ranch, or any other specialized community, give us a call today.

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