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Our Valentine Love Letter to Fences: Top 10 Benefits of Fences

Sometimes we’ve been accused of liking fences a little too much. But we suspect we’re not alone. How many homeowners out there are proud of their attractive property? And what’s surrounding that beloved property and keeping it safe? A fence, of course. If you think about it, your fence is the hero in the house-as-castle metaphor, as the valiant protector of the home. So this Valentine’s Day, we’re writing a love letter to fences.
Fence, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Here are the top 10 things we love about fences.

Keeps kids safe

Believe it or not, if there’s one thing more important to us than our fences, it’s our adorable offspring. A fence provides kids with a backyard play space where they feel happy and comfortable, and are safe from the bogeyman.


We like our neighbors fine, but we don’t need to see them nude sunbathing, practicing the Macarena or whatever they’re doing in their yard. Fence, let us reiterate, we love you!

Pool safety

The law dictates that your backyard pool must be safely fenced and gated. We cannot overemphasize the importance of these laws. Pool fences save lives.

Stops Rover from roving

Dog noses don’t quit, and every time a tempting smell drifts into the yard – bacon, a cat, really gross stuff – Rover wants to follow the scent. Too often, this ends in terrorized cats, lawsuits, unfortunate encounters with moving vehicles and other traumas not befitting man’s best friend. Thank you, fence!

Ready for a new fence

Aesthetic appeal

What’s prettier than a fence? Uh, nothing? Maybe we’re biased, but at Buzz, we love the looks of fences, from the grain of a cedar plank to the curlicue on a wrought iron finial. Our designers can dream up a fence to improve the looks of any home.

Increase perceived living space 

Depending on the climate where you live, you might like to spend time outside during a few pleasant months, or maybe all year. An attractive, fenced yard is like an outdoor room.

Protect your garden

Do you live in an area where cavalier deer stroll onto your property and snack on your pecans and pears? The right fence puts out the message, Bambi is not welcome here.

Noise reduction

If you live near a freeway, a fence can muffle the noise of speeding cars. A good fence and a pair of ear plugs and you’ll think you’re out in the country. Noise abatement panels can help block noise even further!

Increase your property value

What if you need to sell your house one day? An attractive fence can up your asking price.

No need for alligators

Seriously, do you know how much you’d have to pay for alligator chow, let alone insurance? But that’s how it was in the old days when people had moats instead of fences: expensive. And dangerous. Did you ever hear of a fence turning on its owner and biting it? Of course not. Because fences are upstanding citizens, while alligators are vile, smelly reptiles.

At Buzz, we hope you and your fence are doing something special together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And, if you don’t think it’s too forward, we’d like to give your fence a gift, too. For our Valentine’s Day special, when you purchase 50 or more feet of fence we’ll throw in a free kickboard. These pieces of siding installed at the bottom of your fence are both decorative and practical, as they protect your Valentine from rot. Call your friends at Buzz today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!