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Understanding Sure-Fi Access Control

We’ve all had experiences with iffy cell phones and Wi-Fi fails. That’s why at Buzz we’re so excited to be an authorized Sure-Fi dealer. Unlike ordinary Wi-Fi, Sure-Fi is, well, surer. Much surer. In fact, this revolutionary new technology is practically Sci-Fi.

Sure-Fi versus the ordinary

Imagine you’re in a dark parking lot with hundreds of cars and you’re wandering around, trying to remember where you parked. You’re clicking away at your key fob, hoping you’ll get lucky and hear that reassuring click of a car unlocking. However, as you know, you need a clear line of sight to unlock your door with a fob. Plus, it only works up to 100 feet. And that’s when the battery is fresh.

Sure-Fi has a 1/3 mile range, minimum!  Okay, that might not be so helpful in the above situation, because you may not be close enough to hear the click. But it’s pretty cool.

Its makers bill Sure-Fi as “Bunker busting” because the signal penetrates heavy obstructions and dense materials to travel long distances. For example, have you ever wanted a key fob that you could close in an airtight metal box, place a hundred feet underground in a concrete bunker, and it would still open your car door? Dreams really do come true.

Ready for a new fence?

Sure-Fi and Buzz

At Buzz Custom Fence, we’re excited about the implications for both private and commercial customers that will come from our partnership with Sure-Fi, the first in the access control industry to offer long-range wireless technology. In Texas, we love acreage. Many of our customers live on ranches or other sprawling properties where gates are far from electricity and a Wi-Fi network. Often hills, trees, and miles of land stand between you and your gate. With Sure-Fi, these obstructions are no problem. Nor does the Sure-Fi system require trenching and a wired connection to a control unit like most gate systems.

The same goes for commercial applications. Whether you operate a parking lot, manufacturing facility, apartment complex, or other commercial endeavors, Sure-Fi reliably travels great distances and penetrates all barriers.

Ready to adopt this new technology? Give your friends at Buzz a call today.