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Mother’s Day Garden Gift Guide

Is the mother in your life a lady who lives to garden? Does she like to spend sunny days outside working on her tan? If you have an outdoorsy sort of person on your Mother’s Day shopping list, we have a few ideas for her special day. And yes, they’re better than slug bait or sunscreen.


For the gardener, plants are essential. Otherwise, it’s not much of a garden! Do a little recon to figure out what kinds of plants she’ll most prize. You can do this by looking in the yard and seeing what’s already there. Does she love growing roses, or is she more of a Venus flytrap sort? What parts of the yard are still empty enough to accept new plants? And are those areas sunny, shady or a mix? You could also strike up a conversation about her future garden plans. But try to be subtle. Once you know the sorts of plants she likes and what garden space is available, consult your local nursery staff for more specific advice for your region.
We Do Gates

Lawn Furniture

The mother who likes to tan or read in the garden will appreciate an upgraded chaise lounge. Today’s lawn furniture isn’t the cheap plastic kind you might remember from your childhood. Mom will look chic on a teak chaise from Finland or an orange fiberglass wave-shaped chaise. Believe it or not, an upscale designer chaise lounge can cost as much as a used car! Down-to-earth Moms might be happy with the Target model.

A new fence

If you really love your mother, you can surprise her with the ultimate gift: a new fence. A fence gives her privacy and security while she gardens or tans. How about cedar? Or aluminum with finials shaped like pineapples? A fleur de lys design?
If Mom’s backyard haven needs a new fence, give your friends at Buzz a call. You might even get away with spending less than you would on certain chaise lounges which we’ll leave unnamed.
Ready for a new fence?

Got a Great Gift Idea

Got a perfect garden gift for the Mom in your life? Send us your gift ideas using this form and we will feature your gift idea on our blog!
Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Buzz Custom Fence!